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The Democratic Party ... Alaska Democratic Party

This is for all the ANB & ANS Political Junkies and you know who you are :-D

Our experts on Alaskan Politics are Senator Albert Kookesh, Nancy Barnes, Dewey Skan and Georgia Lincoln.

Elections 2010

Alaska Democrat Candidates


Harry Crawford for Congress


Ethan Berkowitz for Governor

Hollis French for Governor

Bob Poe for Alaska

Rob Rosenfeld for Alaska


Elections 2008

The Democratic Party ... Alaska Democratic Party

He's Senator Begich now - By ERIKA BOLSTAD Anchorage Daily News, AK. January 6th, 2009

Shout out to Ethan Berkowitz and Diane Benson

Obama/Biden carried the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimpsian vote. Also Alaska State Senate result - Senate District C - Democratic candidate Albert Kookesh with 70% of the vote easily wins his race against Rosema Schneeberger who managed to accrue 28%.

Our experts on Alaskan Politics are Senator Albert Kookesh, Nancy Barnes, Dewey Skan and Georgia Lincoln.

Barrow dancers step into Obama’s inaugural by TAMAR BEN-YOSEF (The Arctic Sounder )

Barrow Alaskas Suurimmaanitchuat Dancers marching in Obama's presidential inaugural parade (YouTube)


Native Dance Group from Barrow to March in Obama's Inaugural Parade - Alaska Democratic Party

Obama/Biden '08 ... supporters in Barrow, Alaska

Grammy winner Micki Free 

Micki Free

American Indian Inaugural Ball - The 2009 American Indian Inaugural Ball brings together Native leaders, organizations, artists, musicians, and professionals from across the country. Here are the featured Performers - Jana, Joanne Shenandoah, Bill Miller, Michael Bucher,
Phoenix, Micki Free, Keith Secola, Martha Redbone, Shea Keck,Derek Miller, Levi and the Plateros,Hawk, Gary Farmer, Casper.


Yaaw Tei Yi Dancers, a Tlingit group from Juneau, Alaska who performed at the National Museum of the American Indian Multicultural Festival as Part of Inaugural Events

Bono, Bruce, Beyonce to play inaugural concert - Reuters - By Jessica Letkemann NEW YORK (Billboard) - Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, Bono and more than a dozen other music stars will kick off Barack Obama's presidential inaugural festivities by performing at the opening celebration at Washington, D.C.'s Lincoln Memorial on January 18.

This is our very own online Rolling Stones concert for Obama/Biden, Senator Begich and our very own Senator Albert Kookesh - Alaska State Legislature.

Our experts on Alaskan Politics are Senator Albert Kookesh, Nancy Barnes, Dewey Skan and Georgia Lincoln.

Senator-elect Mark Begich begins transition ( Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, November 23, 2008)

Obama/Biden carried the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimpsian vote. Also Alaska State Senate result - Senate District C - Democratic candidate Albert Kookesh with 70% of the vote easily wins his race against Rosema Schneeberger who managed to accrue 28%.

Video: Alaska Obama supporters react (ADN) ... Juneau Democrats ecstatic about Obama Win (Juneau Empire, Nov 5, 2008) ... Obama Rides 'Change' Message To The Presidency (The Fix-Washington Post) ... In quotes: US election reaction (BBC) ... "This is our moment. This is our Time" (Huffington Post) ... Democrats say McCain can help mediate standoffs ... CNN makes history - During the American election Jessica Yellin was recorded as a hologram and beamed into the studio (Election coverage) ... CNN Will I Am Hologram, First time on TV ... Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

Holly's Story: Backstage with Barack at the 2008 DNC (YouTube)

Alaska's own Carlos Boozer of the Utah Jazz supported Obama/Biden. Cool basketball videos of Carlos Boozer - 2008 USA Gold Medal Olymic Team ... Boozer Shows 20-20 Vision ... TNT NBA Fundamentals Carlos Boozer - Post moves

Google search not in date order Tlingit Democrat Postings in various Media and Blog Comment sections for last 19 months for Obama and Democrats under - ... Obama and Yeil (Eagle Clan always honors Raven Clan) ... Also Obama and Cooday ... two selective cool postings under Eagle Ch aak Ora Fan ... Eagle Clan ... Also first Cooday posting from February 19, 2007 in comment section on this article Team Obama's rapid-fire response: The Swamp by Naftali Bendavid ... Quick thoughts - posting were from the start of the 2008 Presenditial race. Special Thanks to all the Democrat posters nationally who taught us a lot and kept us on track. An amazing journey for us all.

Revisiting 2008 elections - Cloning Winston Churchill and FDR for Democrats - Various videos posted for Democrats ...

- Google search not in date order Tlingit Democrat Postings in various Media and Blog Comment sections for last 19 months for Obama and Democrats under - ... Obama and Yeil (Eagle Clan always honors Raven Clan) ... Also Obama and Cooday ... two selective cool postings under Eagle Ch aak Ora Fan ... Eagle Clan ... Also first Cooday posting from February 19, 2007 in comment section on this article Team Obama's rapid-fire response: The Swamp by Naftali Bendavid ... Quick thoughts - posting were from the start of the 2008 Presenditial race. Special Thanks to all the Democrat posters nationally who taught us a lot and kept us on track. An amazing journey for us all.

- Cloning Winston Churchill and FDR for Democrats, our inspirations and a few videos we posted for Democrats ....

- Winston Churchill & FDR will campaign for Democrat Nominee for President - Good news - Clones of FDR and Winston Churchill will campaign for the Democrat Nominee for President after the Convention. Top Ten from Sept 2007 to Currently #1 of about 53,010 for key words Winston Churchill presidential election 2008 in Google search (2-20-08) ... Tlingit Artist Jesse Cooday has cloned FDR and Winston Churchill for the 2008 elections. The inspirations for "Clones are Human" David Blaine ... Raven ... Charlie Hill ....David Letterman ... Dawn Dumont ... The First Benefit Concert online for "Clones are Human" ... Favorite music of FDR and Winston Churchill - Hang on Sloopy ... 'Bourne Identity' track by Moby ...Voices - Matt Damon channels Ms. Obama, McCain ... ONE Vote '08 ... Circle of Life ... Coal Train ... Amazing Grace ... Knockin' On Heaven's Door ... Gospel Songs ... Small Town ... Radio Nowhere ... Springsteen musical intro for Obama ... Pipeline ... Frank Sinatra ... Dean Martin & John Wayne singing ... Love Birds ... Free Hugs Campaign ... No One ... Beautiful Day ... Favorite videos The World's most amazing Basketball Shot ... Unicycling ... Evolution of Dance ... Humans Flying ... Sky Diving from Space ... Winston & FDR Energy solutions - Water Fuel Car ... EBM magnetic field .... Cool Articles - Obama related to Winston Churchill and Brad Pitt ... David Blaine breaks world record for holding one's breath live during "The Oprah Winfrey Show" April 30 ... Winston's Killer Whiler ... FDR's Gold Fish ... FDR's Ninjas ... Bruce Lee ... Martial Arts training ... Sleeper In Metropolis ... Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice ... From Winston and FDR's Happiness Factory -Singing in the Rain ... Matt Harding dancing all over the World (2008) ... ONE Vote '08 ... Springsteen musical intro for Obama (Waterfront Park, Portland, OR 5-18-08) ... Winston's Football team for Obama/Biden ... Jessica Alba The Stare Response ... "Virtual Videos are worth more then a billion words!" FDR and Winston!

Very First Videos - Democrats are courting all voters with some of our favorite videos ...

Quyana Alaska (Video) ... Quyana Tlingit & Haida dancers from Anchorage (Video) ... More Quyana Alaska on Youtube

Children make Johnny Depp laugh (Youtube Video)

All Cat lovers (Google Video)

Talking Dogs and thier fans (Youtube Video)

A mom's favorite phases set to music (Yahoo Video)

Wayne Newton's classic "Danke Shoen" ... Dean Martin & John Wayne

U2 and Green Day "The Saints Are Coming"

Ferrari vs. Lamborghini (Youtube Video)

Alaska Native Political History

Alaska Native Brotherhood/Sisterhood (From Wikipedia)

Elizabeth Peratrovich (From Wikipedia)

Diane Benson (From Wikipedia)

Two Different views of the Alaska Land Claims Settlement Act

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (From Wikipedia)

The Shock Doctrine (From Wikipedia)


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