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75th Tournament Gold Medal Basketball Champions

Prince of Wales 'Women's W Bracket' 2024 Champions

Gold Medal Basketball KINY RADIO Broadcast
Game 40 - W Bracket: Prince of Wales vs Haines

KINY Radio links & Team Photos from Juneau Lions Club website

Hoonah takes two titles, Angoon and POW one each in 75th Gold Medal Basketball Tournament
By Mark Sabbatini (Juneau Empire)

In its 75th year, Juneau’s Gold Medal Basketball Tournament transcends the court
By Clarise Larson, KTOO - Juneau

Hoonah 'Master Bracket' 2024 Champions

Gold Medal Basketball KINY RADIO Broadcast
Game 39 - M Bracket: Hoonah vs Sitka

Hoonah 'C' Bracket 2024 Champions

Gold Medal Basketball KINY RADIO Broadcast
Game 41 - C Bracket: Hoonah vs Hydaburg

Angoon 'B' Bracket 2024 Champions

Gold Medal Basketball KINY RADIO Broadcast
Game 42 - B Bracket: Angoon vs Hydaburg

Photo Left - Assistant Professor and Independent Curator Miranda Belarde-Lewis shared a photo on Facebook with Actress Lily Gladstone
who received the Seattle Film Critics Society John Hartl PNW Award for the Film 'Fancy Dance'
Lily Gladstone to receive award from Seattle film critics (Seattle Times)

Photo Right - New York TImes - Lily Gladstone, a star of the Martin Scorsese epic “Killers of the Flower Moon,” was nominated for the best actress Oscar on Tuesday, making her the first Native American person to contend for a competitive acting Academy Award.

Lily Gladstone (Instagram)

Martin Sensmeier
update - Post Production - 'Cottonmouth'

Martin Sensmeier, Ron Perlman, Esai Morales & Eric Nelsen Lead Western ‘Cottonmouth’; Filming Underway In Oklahoma

By Andreas Wiseman (The Deadline - Sept 28,2023)

Set in 1895, the film follows friends Ed and Frank (Sensmeier and Sadowski) who become brutal enemies in Oklahoma frontier territory when a rivalry develops over a woman (Wapanatâhk) who is set to inherit a prominent saloon. After a bounty hunter (Nelsen) makes Ed disappear to a tortuous prison run by a sinister warden (Perlman), he must learn the ways of an outlaw from a prison-mate (Morales) to escape and exact his revenge.

Cast includes Martin Sensmeier (Westworld), Ron Perlman (Hellboy), Esai Morales (Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning), Eric Nelsen (1883), Jonathan Sadowski (Chernobyl Diaries), Alyssa Wapanatâhk (Peter Pan & Wendy), James Landry Hébert (1883), and Kimberly Guerrero (The Glorias).

Martin Sensmeier (Instagram)

The Curse: Is Cara Durand a Real Native American Artist?
By Diksha Sundriyal (TheCinemaholic)

Cara Durand is played by Nizhonniya Luxi Austin, who is also a Native American artist. The actress is Tlingit and Diné and hails from Juneau, Alaska. Like her character in the show, Austin dabbles in abstract art, which is a representation of the intersection between her identity as a Native artist and creator of modern art.

Apart from art, Austin also creates music. She currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is where Whitney and Asher go to attend Cara’s show. Austin is an alumnus of the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), where she studied studio arts.

Nizhonniya Austin (Instagram)

Nizhonniya Luxi Austin's Album

'Indian Lover Letters' on Bandcamp

More Art News

Friends gathered in Petersburg to watch L’xeis Diane Benson in her first appearance onscreen
as Bee in HBO’s “True Detective: Night Country.” (Hannah Flor/KFSK)

Petersburg actor L’xeis Diane Benson is in HBO’s ‘True Detective: Night Country’
By Hannah Flor, KFSK - Petersburg (Alaska Public Media)

Benson plays Bee, who works at a crab processing plant. In the first episode, she’s one of the first characters on screen after the opening credits, dressed in a hair net and raingear in the processing plant. She’s nursing another woman as a man lies on the concrete floor, his nose bloodied and broken.

Alaska State Trooper Evangeline Navarro, played by Kali Reis, is tending to the man.
She turns to Bee.“ Did you hit this man, ma’am?” Navarro asks.

Bee’s response is expletive-laced. She says that after the man hit the woman – her friend Blair – Bee hit him back.

Screen capture - Irene Bedard in Alaskan Daily

Gloria's Mother Visits the Daily Alaskan - Alaska Daily (YouTube Video)

Gloria Nanmac's mother, Sylvie (guest star Irene Bedard), visits the newsroom as Eileen (Hilary Swank) and Roz (Grace Dove) finish up their big story on Gloria's death. See the emotional moment here. From 'Alaska Daily' season 1, episode 10, 'Most Reckless Thing I've Ever Done.'

Irene Bedard (Instagram)

Oscars: Robbie Robertson Finally Gets Nominated, for ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’
BY KORY GROW (Rolling Stone)

Robbie Robertson, the late singer-songwriter best known for his work with the Band and Bob Dylan, was nominated for an Oscar in the Original Score category for his contributions to Killers of the Flower Moon on Tuesday. The posthumous honor was Robertson’s first after decades of composing music for film.

Robbie Robertson (Instagram)

Laura Ortman and Raven Chacon in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Nicholas Galanin’s Pointed Public Sculpture Inspires Glorious Noise in New York

By Andy Battaglia (Art in America)

nicholasgalanin Yéil Ya-Tseen (Instagram)

Laura Ortman: Music (Website)

Raven Chacon (Instagram)

Join Khu.éex’ at the Climate Pledge Arena for Indigenous Peoples Night presented by Muckleshoot Indian Tribe on December 9th!
Khu.éex’ will be the House Band for the Seattle Kraken vs. Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Game.

Khu.éex' (Website)

Khu.éex' Events

Khu.éex' (Instagram)

Gunnalchéesh to @seattlekraken for hosting us at last night's game at @climatepledgearena.
It was an honor to enter the #jumbotron !!! Also, thank you to the great @therlheyer for covering guitar duties last night!

Indigenous glass artist opens immersive exhibit in OKC during Native American Heritage Month
By Brandy McDonnell (The Oklahoman, 11/26/2023)

Curated by Miranda Belarde-Lewis who shared Brandy McDonnel' article on Preston Singletary's Facebook Wall with the following message - hope our OK friends and fam get to see Preston Singletary: Raven and the Box of Daylight at the OKCMOA (museum of art it's open til March 2024. Organized by the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA, curated by me.

Preston Singletary Glass (Instagram)

Martin Sensmeier update continues

Pre producation - 13 Steps

A buried dark past that has riddled our world with fear and divisiveness. A group with different backgrounds
must overcome their respective "demons" and beliefs, right the wrongs of the past and save the world from an ultimate evil.

Martin Sensmeier plays Chief Sah. Tony Todd plays Sheriff Charles Davies. Matt Lanter is Reverend Blake Kreishel. Danika Yarosh is Chloe Penrose. Grace Dove is Princess Na'ai. Al Vicente is Steve. Micah Fitzgerald is Jon Stevens / Dark Figure. Craig Ng is Dr. Hurtado.
Cree Davis is Jennifer Davies. Alicia Ying is Sierra. Braydon Joseph Ford is Joshua.

Photo: Keir Tallman on the left played Benny and Martin Sensmeier as Marvin
in the film 'Frybread Face and Me'

Reviews Frybread Face and Me By Katie Rife (

The film’s sweet, wry sense of humor recalls the work of executive producer Taika Waititi, arguably the most famous Indigenous filmmaker alive today. This influence is especially notable in the film’s supporting characters, a revolving cast of eccentric aunts and macho uncles who pass through Grandma’s place whenever the movie needs a boost.

Tlingit & Haida's Our Ways Summer Days Photo Challenge

Gunalchéesh, Háw’aa to everyone for submitting photos for the Our Ways Summer Days Challenge!
It was incredible to see all the pictures of our people hunting, fishing, berry picking and creating regalia.
Here are the winners from our random door prize drawing. 

Tlingit & Haida (Facebook)

Photo Left - Salmon Caviar Photo by Ellie Jackson
Photo right - Subsistence Meal Photo by Nick & Trina Nickerson

Link to 993 Photos on Facebook in Grid Format from Tlingit & Haida Photo Album - Our Ways Summer Days

Tlingit & Haida TikTok Video - Our Ways Summer Day

Who’s having fun slaying salmon this summer? Here’s an awesome collection of photos
from the Our Ways Summer Days challenge on Facebook.

More 2023 Summer Subsistence Photos featured on the Website
from 2 Artists Dakaxeen Mehner and Yéil Ya-Tseen, also Photos from Planet Alaska and
The Sustainable Southeast Partnership on Facebook

Artist Dakaxeen Mehner's Smoked Salmon (Instagram)

Dakaxeen Mehner (Instagram)

"Abundance" Yéil Ya-Tseen

Yéil Ya-Tseen @nicholasgalanin (Instagram)

"Opening day! Gunalchéesh guwakaan" Yéil Ya-Tseen

Planet Alaska (Facebook) Shared -

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership (Facebook) Post

"Happy opening day for deer season here in Southeast Alaska.
We wish everyone the best of luck as they venture about on this beautiful day
in search of their own deer. " The Sustainable Southeast Partnership

Planet Alaska (Facebook) Shared Salmon Berries

Tlingit & Haida's Our Ways Summer Days Photo Challenge is back!
We want to see all the traditional activities you've been doing this summer, from berry picking and fishing to beading and dancing.
Participate in a traditional activity • Share photos on this post, via Facebook messenger, or email to • One entry per person • Winners will be drawn at random for a series of cash prizes, formline t-shirts and Hydroflasks • Deadline for photos is Friday, August 18

Tlingit & Haida (Facebook)

The winners of Tlingit & Haida's Our Ways Summer Days Photo Challenge will be featured on the next website update.

Featured Summer Art attractions

Nicholas Galanin’s “In every language there is Land / En cada lengua hay una Tierra.” in New York City
and on the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail in Juneau, Alaska.

Photo left - A MASSIVE SCULPTURE AT BROOKLYN BRIDGE PARK FORCES A DIALOGUE AROUND LAND By Josh Pacheco (Brooklyn Magazine) Indigenous artist Nicholas Galanin’s site-specific work spells out LAND using the same materials in the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Photo Right - The Kaagwaantaan Pole was carved by Tlingit/Unangax artist Nicholas Galanin of Sitka
with apprentices William L. Burkhart Jr., Lee Burkhart, and Merritt Johnson. On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail

Totem poles raised along waterfront ahead of trail dedication ceremony By Clarise Larson (Juneau Empire)


Photo Left - The Wooshkeetaan Pole was carved by Nathan Jackson of Saxman with apprentices
Norman Daniel Natkong Jr., Christian Dalton, Raymond "Took" Gregory and Tim Flanery.
On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail

The Shangukeidí pole was carved by Stephen Jackson (Jackson Polys) of Saxman with apprentices
Christian Dalton, Raymond "Took" Gregory, Tim Flanery, Norman Daniel Natkong Jr.,
Bill Pfeifer, Marcus Blair, and Rico Worl. On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail

Carvers across Southeast Alaska are working on totem poles that will line Juneau’s waterfront
by Raegan Miller (KRBD - Ketchikan)

Photo Left - The Haida Raven Pole was carved by Haida artist TJ Young of Hydaburg
with apprentices Gregory Tyler Frisby, Andrea Cook, and Cadence Peele.
On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail

Photo Center - The Tlingit Raven Pole was carved by Haida artist TJ Young of Hydaburg
with apprentices Gregory Tyler Frisby, Andrea Cook, and Cadence Peele.
On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail

Photo left - The Ishkahittaan Pole by Tlingit artist Jon Rowan of Klawock
with apprentices Lea Armour and Joel Delacruz.
On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail

Photo right - The L’uknax̱.ádi Pole was carved by Tlingit artist Mick Beasley of Juneau
with apprentices Jno Didrickson and Jeremy Peterson.
On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail

Photo Left - The Tsimshian Pole was carved by Tsimshian artist David R. Boxley of Metlakatla
with apprentice Clifton Guthrie. On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail.

Photo Right - The L’eeneidí Pole was carved by Tlingit artist Robert Mills of Kake
with apprentice Larry Jackson. On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail

Photo Left - The Haida Eagle Pole by Haida artist Warren Peele of Hydaburg
with apprentice Theodore O. Peele. On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail

Photo Right - The Yanyedí Pole was carved by Haida artist Joseph Young of Hydaburg
with apprentice Peter Adams. On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail.

Photo Left - The Sealaska Cultural Values Pole was carved by Haida artist TJ Young with help from
his brother Joe Young, apprentices Andrea Cook and Greg Frisby, and Tsimshian artist David Boxley and Lingít artist Robert Mills. On the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail.

Photo Right - The Tlingit Eagle Pole was carved by Tlingit artist Tommy Joseph of Sitka
with apprentices Kristina M. Cranston and Will Peterson. Part of the Kootéeyaa Deiyí – Totem Pole Trail.

The start of Sealaska Heritage Institute's ceremony
for the Kootéeyaa Deiyí (Totem Pole Trail)
Facebook Photo by Benjamin Danny Coronell
Ceremony video Koote´eyaa Deiyi´ (Totem Pole Trail)

Screen capture TikTok link - Koote´eyaa Deiyi
By @xaadkil (Wáats’asdíyei Joe Yates)

Juneau Parks & Recreation - Sealaska Heritage Institute created a great Pocket Guide
that explains the 13 totems on the Kootéeyaa Deiyí (Totem Pole Trail).
Print one out for your next walk along the Seawalk! Totem Trail Pocket Guide

POW’s Gold Medal Champions: Lillian Borromeo, Molly Sharp, Michaela Demmert, Nani Weimer, Tina Steffen,
Elizabeth Isaacs, Kenai Holein and Cassie Williams. (Photo Klas Stolpe/For the Juneau Empire)

Prince of Wales defeats Yakutat for women’s title at Gold Medal
By Klas Stolpe For the Juneau Empire

Women’s Bracket All-Tournament selections were Yakutat’s Rose Fraker (Yakutat), Tasha Heumann (Angoon), Willow Jackson (Kake), Nadine Fraker (Yakutat), Nani Weimer (POW), Kenai Holien (POW) and Lillian Borromeo (POW).The final two all-tourney selections included special tournament honors: Rachel White (Hoonah) also won the Sportsmanship Award and Cassie Williams won the MVP.

Hoonah crowned Gold Medal Masters Bracket champs
Hoonah’s Albert Hinchman named MVP.
By Jonson Kuhn (Juneau Empire)

As cheers of “Hoo-nah, Hoo-nah” ringing from the bleachers, Hoonah officially claimed the top spot in the Masters Bracket of the Juneau Lions Club 74th Gold Medal Tournament with a win against Juneau during Saturday’s championship game at Juneau-Douglas High School: Kalé.

Joe Coronell led Hoonah in scoring with a total of 11 points. Yuri Morgan led Juneau, and all scorers, with 16 points. Hoonah’s Albert Hinchman was named MVP during a post-game award ceremony. Hoonah’s Lindoff and Gray were named to the all-tournamemt team and Morgan along with Al Tagaban were all-tournamemt for Juneau. Paul Johnson received best sportsmanship.

C Bracket champions Filcom pose with their trophy. (left to right) Charlie Herrington, Alex Heumann, Tom Gizler, Adam Brown, Mike Lim, Andrew Malacas, Nino Bohulano, Ray Zimmer, Larry Cooper, Ronin Tagsip and Jason Haskell at the Gold Medal Basketball Tournament, Saturday, March 25, at Juneau-Douglas High School: Kalé. (Photo Klas Stolpe/For the Juneau Empire)

Juneau’s Filcom wins Gold Medal C Bracket Championship By Klas Stolpe (Juneau Empire)

The C Bracket All-Tournament team included Larry Cooper (Filcom), Brian Friske (Klukwan), John Crossman Jr. (Angoon), Braxton Booze (Hoonah), Jesse McGraw (Klukwan), Lucas Johnson (Hoonah), Stuart Dewitt (Klukwan) and special awards to go with their all-tourney nods went to Thomas Hughes (Hoonah) for Sportsmanship and Alex Hermann (Filcom) as the Most Valuable Player.

Juneau’s Gold Medal Basketball Tournament B Bracket team poses for a group photo after winning
the B bracket championship game in this year’s Gold Medal Basketball Tournament (Photo Jonson Kuhn / Juneau Empire)

Juneau rides second half surge to Gold Medal B Bracket title
By Jonson Kuhn (Juneau Empire)

For Juneau, Saviers and Mahina Toutaiolepo received All-Tournament honors. Juneau’s Conn led with 19 points
with Seymour not far behind with 15 and Kaleb Tompkins had 14. Tompkins also received MVP honors

The 74th Annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament in Juneau, Alaska March 19 - 25, 2023

B-Bracket - Hoonah-Angoon-Kake-Hydaburg-Metlakatla-Haines-Juneau-Yakutat
C-Bracket - Yakutat-Hoonah-Filcom-Klukwan-Angoon-Kake
Masters Bracket - Sitka-Kake-Klukwan-Hoonah-Juneau-Angoon
Womens Bracket - Yakutat-Hoonah-Kake-Prince of Wales-Sitka-Angoon

Gold Medal Basketball Tournament
(Official Website)


Gold Medal Basketball (Fan website)

Photo Left - Marvin Kadake, a Korea War veteran from Kake, dances ahead of Thursday’s B Bracket Gold Medal Basketball
Tournament game between Juneau and Hydaburg. (Ben Hohenstatt / Juneau Empire)

Photo right - Students dance their way toward exiting the Juneau-Douglas High School: Kalé gymnasium near the end of a performance held before a Gold Medal Basketball Tournament game between Juneau and Hydaburg. (Ben Hohenstatt / Juneau Empire)

Over $2,500 raised for Tlingit language and culture program during Gold Medal performance
By Ben Hohenstatt (Juneau Empire)

As the names of Southeast Alaska communities were read, dollar bills quickly piled up atop blankets lying on the Juneau-Douglas High School: Kalé gym floor, and in a matter of minutes, a flurry of regionwide generosity led to over $2,500 in donations to Juneau’s Tlingit Culture, Language and Literacy Program.

The donations were part of a performance by a regalia-clad group that included Eagle Raven Dancers, Wooshji.een and students in the TCLL program among others before a Thursday evening Gold Medal Basketball Tournament game tipped off. The performance included Southeast Alaska Native song and dance as well as a portion in which attendees of the long-running basketball tournament were invited to make donations when they heard the name of their community.

Screen Capture left was improved by A.I. Youcam Enhance - Link to Heather Brianna Olsen shared a Facebook video of 93-year-old Marvin Kadake dancing at Gold Medal. A photo of Marvin Kadake dancing is featured in PHOTOS: An enormous roundup from the Gold Medal Basketball Tournament By Ben Hohenstatt Juneau Empire

Photo Right - Featured in PHOTOS: An enormous roundup from the Gold Medal Basketball Tournament By Ben Hohenstatt Juneau Empire


Jesse McGraw, Matt Carle and Andrew Friske pose for a photo after their induction into the Gold Medal Hall of Fame, Friday, March 24, during the Juneau Lions Club 74th Annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament at the Juneau-Douglas High School: Kalé gymnasium. (Photo Klas Stolpe/For the Juneau Empire)

Friske, McGraw and Carle Inducted into Gold Medal Hall of Fame
By Klas Stolpe (Juneau Empire)

Two teammates and one opponent share selection night together

Attending members of the Gold Medal Hall of Fame pose for a photo on Friday, March 24, at the Juneau Lions Club 74th Gold Medal Basketball Tournament at the Juneau-Douglas High School: Kalé gymnasium. (Photo Klas Stolpe/For the Juneau Empire)

Ted Burke and wife Jan at the Gold Medal Basketball Tournament on Saturday. Burke was the recipient of the Dr. Walter Soboleff Award.
( Photo Klas Stolpe/For the Juneau Empire)

Ted Burke receives Dr. Walter Soboleff Award at Gold Medal Tournament
By Klas Stolpe (Juneau Empire)

“When Walter got me to become a Lion, I had done 31 years in the Coast Guard so we were never attached to a community and he said to me, ‘We are not only going to attach you to the community, but you are going to learn about all of Southeast.’ And that’s exactly what happened. I really and truly have made such wonderful friends with the people in Southeast, I feel like I am truly blessed to have been a part of Gold Medal. I really do.” Ted Burke

Tlingit & Haida (Instagram) is covering Gold Medal Basketball.

Tlingit & Haida (Facebook) has the Photo Album Gold Medal 2023 & is covering Gold Medal.

Tlingit & Haida is excited to co-sponsor this year’s Juneau Lions Club 74th Annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament!

Photo Left - Benjamin Danny Coronell (Facebook) shared his photo of Alaska Native Veterans
I watched a couple of the basketball games tonight at the Juneau Douglas High School gym. Between the two basketball games
the Alaska Native Veterans marched out on to the court. A beautiful gal ( in the yellow jacket) from New York sang "The Star-Spangled Banner". I enjoyed all of it!

Photo Right - Gold Medal Basketball Fans on Facebook shared -
Klas Stolpe's Juneau Empire photo of Benjamin Danny Coronell playing for Kake in the Masters game against Hoonah.

Mary Peltola (Facebook) shared -
So far, my favorite part of being in Congress is coming home during our District Work Weeks! Not only do I get to join in on the fun – like putting up the ceremonial jump ball in the Juneau Lions Club 74th Annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament – but, I also get the chance to talk with Alaskans on the ground. When I’m legislating in DC, it’s those conversations that I call back to in order to make sure you and your families are being heard. Looking forward to the next District Work Week – in the meantime, I’ll be busy working in DC! #MaryInCongress Klas Stolpe / For the Juneau Empire

The 74th Annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament in Juneau, Alaska March 19 - 25, 2023

B-Bracket - Hoonah-Angoon-Kake-Hydaburg-Metlakatla-Haines-Juneau-Yakutat
C-Bracket - Yakutat-Hoonah-Filcom-Klukwan-Angoon-Kake
Masters Bracket - Sitka-Kake-Klukwan-Hoonah-Juneau-Angoon
Womens Bracket - Yakutat-Hoonah-Kake-Prince of Wales-Sitka-Angoon

KINY 800/94.9 -

Gold Medal Basketball Tournament
(Official Website)


Gold Medal Basketball (Fan website)

Revisiting the 65th Annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament -- March -20-26, 2011
Kake wins 6th consecutive 'C' Bracket Championship. Kake 79 - Hoonah 75

Photo left -Kake’s Rudy Bean goes up for a basket between Hoonah’s Albert Hinchman, left, and Gary Brown Jr ... Photo center - Kake's Rudy Bean celebrates after beating Hoonah in the C Bracket ... Photo right -Kake's Rudy Bean celebrates with Nick Davis, center, and Lloyd Davis after beating Hoonah -- Photos by Michael Penn /Juneau Empire

Here is a photo from the 1974 team from Kake which includes players (Back L-R): Henry Kadake, Ray Peterson, Sasha Soboleff, Kent Wegner,
Richard Thomas, Gary Jackson and Harold Rose; (Front L-R): Archie Cavanaugh, Jr., Billy Bean, Mike Jackson, and Henry Davis, Jr.

Tlingit & Haida (Facebook) shared - #TBT Gold Medal is a special time of year when schools close their doors and towns become much quieter as thousands make the journey from villages throughout Southeast Alaska to Juneau for the annual tournament. Beginning in 1947 and sponsored by the Juneau Lions Club, the tournament started as a way to raise money for the Boy Scouts and the week-long event drew our people together to enjoy the great sport of basketball.

“Gold Medal rejuvenates our spirits after the long winter months and gives many people a useful direction,” said the late Dr. Walter Soboleff, who was one of the tournament's founders.


Photo Left - See Khu.éex at the Seattle Aquarium on Valentine’s Day!

Photo Right - Day 1 in the studio for making soundtrack material for the upcoming documentary of Khu. éex': the Magic of Noise.
Steve Moore, Skerik, Captain Raab, Gene Tagaban, myself and Randall Dunn at the helm
to craft exquisite ambient backdrops for the story of our evolution. (Preston Singletary shared on Facebook)

Khu.éex (Website)

Khu.éex’ Band Interview: Uplifting Alaska Native Culture with Genre-Defying Musical Fluidity (Redefine Magazine)

For a band like Khu.éex’, whose music is an Alaska Native language revitalization tool, and whose self-professed focus is “raising awareness of social issues, stemming from the Native American struggle, that branch out to serious issues that affect all people,” having a flexibility of roles and worldviews is vital."

Glass artist Preston Singletary: Shattering expectations (CBS Sunday Morning YouTube)

Preston Singletary, a member of the Tlingit tribe of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, talks with correspondent Lilia Luciano
about his traveling exhibition, which tells a Native American folktale about the origins of the world
entirely through glass.

"Raven and the Box of Daylight" is a traveling exhibition created by Singletary, a member of the Tlingit tribe of Alaska
and the Pacific Northwest. The show, travels next to Norfolk, Va.'s Chrysler Museum of Art (March 3rd - July 2d, 2023)

Planet Alaska (Facebook) shared -

Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum (Facebook)

Have you been by the Sheldon Jackson Museum yet to see the new exhibit, Filling Spaces: Attraction and Distraction?
If not, you should! The Solo Exhibition of new works by Robert Hoffmann (Tlingit) is really exciting and worth a visit.

Photo left - Erin Tripp (Tlingit) was 1 of 14 Honored.

Photo center - Alison Bremmer (Tlingit) was 1 of 15 Honored.

Photo right - Robert Charles Davidson (Haida-Tlingit) was 1 of 4 Honored.

First Peoples Fund ( Website)

First Peoples Fund (Facebook) is proud to announce our 2023 Community Spirit Awardees and Fellows!
We sincerely congratulate them and are excited to have them join the FPF family!
Meet the 2023 Honorees + Fellows NOW :

First Peoples Fund to help Juneau actor create recording studio for voice acting (Juneau Empire)

Patrons of Perseverance Theatre are no strangers to the power of Xáalnook Erin Tripp’s voice and ability to share a narrative,
and now thanks to a recent grant awarded to the actor, she’ll be able to expand her reach and extend that opportunity to others.
(Article includes Robert Charles Davidson and Alison Bremmer. )

Ross Nannauck & Ak Native Beauties (Facebook) shared -

Ray Austin - My Tlingit/Dineh (Navajo) daughter Nizhonniya.
She has a character role in the Showtime series called The Curse,
which will air on Feb 2023. (Rescheduled Fall 2023)

36 TV Shows We Can't Wait to See in 2023
By Vulture Editors (New York Magazine Jan 5, 2023)

Nizhonniya Luxi Austin is a character actor in the TV series The Curse (Showtime, TBD)
which also stars co-stars Emma Stone and Benny Safdie. The New York Magazine has also listed
the schedule of all 36 TV Shows and Series to Watch.

Screen capture - TikTok video link -- TOTEM POLE RAISINGS 2023 By alaskan8ive907 (Madison Dawn)

So Totem Pole risings don't happen too often but next year they are rising ten in Juneau.
Here is a picture of my Uncle Jon Rowan with his miniature totem pole one in which he will be recreating a full-size replica.
I don't know about you guys I am ready for what is going to be probably Alaska's Biggest Pow Wow.

Kootéeyaa Deiyí (Totem Pole Trail) is happening!
More progress on Nicholas Galanin’s pole in Sitka! (Sealaska Heritage Institute Facebook link)

About this project: This year, Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian artists will carve the first 10 totem poles for the Totem Pole Trail in Hydaburg, Klawock, Saxman, Metlakatla, Sitka, Kake, and Juneau through a grant from the Mellon Foundation. The poles will be raised in 2023 along the waterfront in downtown Juneau and be one of the first sights cruise visitors will see.
Evenually 30 Totem Poles will be on the Kootéeyaa Deiyí (Totem Pole Trail)

Screen capture - Nicholas Galanin Instagram Video link -
Full-length view of the Totem Pole for the Kootéeyaa Deiyí (Totem Pole Trail)

This image released by PBS shows characters, from left, Tooey, voiced by Sequoia Janvier, Trini, voiced by Vienna Leacock and Molly, voiced by Sovereign Bill, in a scene from the animated series “Molly of Denali.” The animated show, which highlights the adventures of a 10-year-old Athabascan girl, Molly Mabray, has been nominated for two Emmys. (PBS)

‘You can do these things’: Emmy-nominated Juneau writers hope ‘Molly of Denali’ success opens door for more Indigenous voices
By Clarise Larson (Juneau Empire)

Vera Starbard (Tlingit and Dena’ina Athabascan), Tlingit playwright Frank Henry Kaash Katasse and University of Alaska Southeast Professor X’unei Lance Twitchell (Tlingit), who are set to head to Los Angeles on Dec. 10 to attend the Children’s & Family Emmy Awards for show’s two nominations: Outstanding Preschool Animated Series and Outstanding Writing for a Preschool Animated Program nominations for their contribution to the show.

Juneau Lions Club announces Gold Medal will return next year By Jasz Garrett (KINY Radio)

Requesting letters of interest from all teams to be mailed or e-mailed.
A team should include their represented community, requested division, name of their team, and name of the team point-of-contact.
Either by e-mail to or send a letter to:
Juneau Lions Club 2023 Gold Medal Basketball Tournament Attn: Invitations PO Box 020911 Juneau, Alaska 99802-0911
All letters must arrive by December 15th, 2022.

Gold Medal Basketball Tournament (Official Website)


Gold Medal Basketball (Fan website)


Mary Peltola @MaryPeltola (Twitter)

Mary Peltola gives the keynote address at the Alaska Federation of Natives conference
on 20 October 2022. Photograph: Mark Thiessen/AP

Mary Peltola, first Alaska Native in Congress, wins bid to retain seat (The Guardian)

Peltola made history to become the first woman to represent
the state when she won a special election in August

Revisiting Episode 2 – Mary Peltola interviewed by Richard Chaylee Éesh Peterson on the OPENING THE BOX OF KNOWLEDGE podcast on Sept 8th. Co-host Stephen Qacung Blanchett was performing with his band who were promoting Mary Peltola for the General election.

Peltola was sworn in as Alaska's U.S. representative on September 13, 2022. This marked the first time in U.S. history that a Native American (Sharice Davids, Yvette Herrell, Markwayne Mullin, and Tom Cole), Alaska Native (Peltola), and Native Hawaiian (Kai Kahele) simultaneously served in Congress. (Wikipedia)

Episode 2 – Mary Peltola interviewed by Richard Chaylee Éesh Peterson would be one of the popular 'Opening The Box of Knowledge podcasts' contributing to Mary Peltola winning a full term in the 2022 general election as more voters started to focus on the November election.

Screen capture ‘Look at What The Light Did Now’ on YouTube
YouTube Link -

Nicholas Galanin ( Ya Tseen) Shared ‘Look at What The Light Did Now’ on Facebook

Nicholas Galanin - “My friend Sterlin Harjo, the creator of the acclaimed FX series Reservation Dogs,
invited Samantha and I to cover Little Wings classic song ‘Look at What The Light Did Now’ for an episode in season 2.
This was a high honor to contribute to one of what I would consider the best episodes of streaming television being made today.
It's tough to capture love and Indigenous mourning, though I feel as if this episode did so in an elegant and powerful way.”

Released in conjunction with the start of National Native American Heritage Month (Sub Pop Records)

Ye´il Ya-Tseen (Instagram)

High Dive's INDIGENOUS HERITAGE DAY CELEBRATION featuring Portland based Indie Rock band Black Belt Eagle Scout
with Seattle-based Native FunkRockJazzFusion ensemble Khu.éex' on Friday November 25!

High Dive (Facebook)

KHU.ÉEX' (Official Website)

Alison Bremner Nax̲shag̲eit new solo exhibit, “Midnight at the Fireworks Stand"
Nov 4th -  through January 7 at the Alaska State Museum

‘I put everything into the art’: Her work blends bright colors and humor to depict Tlingit life and stories
By Clarise Larson (Juneau Empire)

In her new solo exhibit, “Midnight at the Fireworks Stand,” which opened Friday at the Alaska State Museum, Bremner’s 17 piece-collection of contemporary art depicts different stories and aspects of Tlingit and Indigenous life that often go unnoticed, through bright colors, unusual objects and humor.

Speaking with Light: Contemporary Indigenous Art
October 30, 2022–January 22, 2023
The Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Fort Worth, TX

Speaking with Light: Contemporary Indigenous Photography highlights the dynamic ways that Indigenous artists have leveraged their lenses over the past three decades to reclaim representation and affirm their existence, perspectives, and trauma.

It presents the work of over 30 contemporary Native American photographers, including Jeremy Dennis, Nicholas Galanin, Sky Hopinka, Zig Jackson, Kapulani Landgraf, Dylan McLaughlin, Alan Michelson, Shelley Niro, Jolene Rickard, Wendy Red Star, Cara Romero, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie and Sarah Sense, and more.

"THE LAST MANHUNT NOV 18. in Theatres and on demand. A dream project with an all star cast very thankful for all my friends who made this movie possible and all the tribes. chemehuevi, twenty-nine palms band of mission indians, agua caliente band of cahuilla, colorado river indians tribes, morongo band of mission indians, and Serrano." Martin Sensmeier (Instagram)

Martin Sensmeier (@martinsensmeier) • Instagram

The Last Manhunt Full Cast & Crew (IMDb)

Screen capture - THE LAST MANHUNT Trailer

YouTube link - THE LAST MANHUNT Trailer (2022) Jason Momoa

Perseverance Theatre To Open 2022-2023 Season With World Premiere Of WHERE THE SUMMIT MEETS THE STARS

By A.A. Cristi (Broadway World Anchorage)

This fall, Perseverance Theatre will welcome the community back for the 44th Season, opening with Frank Henry Kaash Katasse's (Tsaagweidí Tlingit) original play Where The Summit Meets The Stars, opening October 7th, 2022 and running on the Perseverance Mainstage until October 23rd, 2022.

Where The Summit Meets The Stars is an ethereal Alaska Native story driven by music, dance, and the culture of the Tlingit people. When a near-death experience derails her flight through Southeast Alaska, Rose awakens to find herself in the care of the kind man who pulled her to safety. As they journey by boat through the darkness and fog, Rose untangles the mysteries of her past, questions the world around her, and comes to an inescapable crossroads. Featuring Juneau talent Erin Tripp as Rose and Jake Waid as John / Tleik Kaa, Perseverance Theatre welcomes back Kenny Ray Ramos as Tony, Ed Littlefied as Ixt/Musician, and features Jill Meserve as the Musician's Apprentice.

Meet the Playwright: A Conversation with Frank Henry Kaash Katasse
By IRENE MARTINKO (Perseverance Theatre)

Perseverance Theatre (Facebook)

Perseverance Theatre (Official website)

Photo Left
- “Where the Summit Meets the Stars” opens with a traditional Tlingit dance and music that accompanied it. Throughout the Wednesday night performance, the audience followed the main character Rose (Xáalnook Erin Tripp) as she wakes up from a flight gone wrong on a mysterious boat with a familiar stranger who pulled her from what was almost certain death. As they ride through the darkness and fog of the open ocean waters, she unknowingly walks the line between her reality and the generation before her that runs parallel to ancient Tlingit stories. (Clarise Larson / Juneau Empire)

Photo Right- Musician and composer Ed Littlefield and apprentice Jill Kaasteen Meserve stood off to the side of the stage as they created live sounds and music to accompany the play Wednesday night at Perseverance Theatre. (Clarise Larson / Juneau Empire)

‘Where the Summit Meets the Stars’ opens Perseverance Theatre season on uncharted waters
 By Clarise Larson (Juneau Empire)

Join Perseverance Theatre and the fantastic hosts of Opening The Box of Knowledge podcast, Richard Chaylee Éesh Peterson and Stephen Qacung Blanchett in a Community Talkback discussing the use of language and music in Frank Henry Kaash Katasse's Where the Summit Meets The Stars.

Screen capture left Movie Art
Screen capture right trailer for "Normal Ain't Normal"
trailer link -

In these crazy times, even #NormalAintNormal. Rosario Dawson, D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, and Martin Sensmeier star in this series about four working class neighbors in Oakland, CA navigating the strange and surprising possibilities coming out of pandemic life. Coming to Buzzfeed on September 27. World Premiere is Saturday, Sept 17 at the Oakland Museum of CA.

The First Trailer For "Normal Ain't Normal" Is Here, And It's Too Real by Allie Hayes (BuzzFeed)
As the title of the digital series suggests, the story seeks to explore the very clear fact that, in a world that just experienced a global pandemic, getting "back to normal" is anything but "normal." Told as an anthology, each of the series' four episodes will follow four different, unique characters, telling each of their different, unique stories.

I had the opportunity to be a part of this short film early this year, in between shooting 1883 and Rutherford Falls. I’m glad I was able to be a part of this as I had the chance to work with @dpharaohwoonatai and it was a gift to work with him and watch him work— Kids a superstar!! I’m glad to have had a chance to work together. Shout out to @mrjoshhealey and @iskracine for making this a fun one. Appreciate y’all. Looking forward to the premiere. Martin Sensmeier (@martinsensmeier) • Instagram

Featured Native American Women

Photo left
- Astronaut and Marine Colonel Nicole Aunapu Mann to become FIRST Native American woman in space when NASA launches its crew to the International Space Station in October By CHRISTOPHER CARBONE (Daily Mail) ... Mann flew U.S. combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan before being recruited by NASA in 2013 and finishing her candidate training two years later. 'It has been a long journey, but it's been so well worth it,' Mann. October 3rd is launch day.

Photo right - Democrat Mary Peltola, center, is seen with supporters at a fundraiser on Aug. 12, 2022, in Juneau, Alaska. | Becky Bohrer/AP Photo
Peltola, a former state legislator who will become Alaska’s first indigenous member of Congress By JOSEPH GEDEON (Politico 8/31/2022)
Mary Peltola and Sarah Palin and Nick Begich are on the ballot in Alaska’s regularly scheduled congressional election this fall,
when the winner will earn a full two-year term.

Screen capture left Tiktok link - The amazing Himikalas Pamela Baker combining fashion, culture, and performance!
- at SWAIA - Santa Fe Indian Market Fashion Show
Himikalas Pamela Baker on Instagram

Screen capture center Tiktok link - Dorothy Grant brings empowerment and pride through her breathtaking creations.
- at SWAIA - Santa Fe Indian Market Fashion Show
Alyssak London @alyssaklondon walked on the SWAIA runway Saturday, August 20 for Designer Dorothy Grant

Screen capture right Tiktok link - Beautiful fashion designs by Ursala Hudson in our show tonight!
- at SWAIA - Santa Fe Indian Market Fashion Show
Angelica Padilla @ziagoddess walked on the SWAIA runway Saturday, August 20th for @UrsalaHudson

15 Indigenous Artists to Know From This Year’s Santa Fe Indian Market

- Himikalas Pamela Baker (Musgamakw/Dzawada’enuxw/Tlingit/Haida) and
Ursala Hudson (Tlingit) are in the Vogue article.

SWAIA - Santa Fe Indian Market (Facebook)

SWAIA (Official Website)

Screen captures from 2022 Santa Fe Indian Market Guide (SWAIA Guide PDF link)

Screen Capture Left - Preston Singletary Exhibit opening August 19 and Group Exhibit opening August 18 at The Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM (Page 8 of 129 of PDF SWAIA Guide)

Screen Capture right - Contributors: Dr. Miranda Belarde-Lewis (Zuni and Tlingit) on page 29 of 129 of PDF and TALKIN' MONEY: INDIAN MARKET By ECONOMICS By Miranda Belarde-Lewis, Ph.D. Page 108 0f 129 of PDF SWAIA Guide)

INDIAN MARKET ARTIST DIRECTORY - Younger, Jennifer - Tlingit/Sitka Tribe of Alaska POG 100 (Page 75) ... Bremner, Alison - Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes PLZ 23 (Page 77) ... Urness, Zoe - Tlingit/Haida Tribe PLZ 8A (Page 79) ... Shaax’Saani - Tlingit PLZ 54 (Page 83) ... Kaasteen, Jill - Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes CAT W 903 (Page 84) ... Stein, Corey - Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes LIN E 729 (Page 84)

SWAIA - Santa Fe Indian Market (Facebook)

SWAIA (Official Website)

Photo right - "A bathroom selfie for my subscribers but this @j.okuma jacket is too fire to hold back from ya’ll." Ye´il Ya-Tseen (Instagram)

Screen capture left from PIER SOUNDS 2022 PIER 62 Seattle, WA | FREE SATURDAY AUGUST 20, 6–9 PM and SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 6–9 PM Friends of Waterfront Seattle presents Pier Sounds: an annual free concert series on the waterfront. 2022 features sensational local artists including the Black Constellation Collective, Porter Ray, Ya Tseen, Shaina Shepherd, Fly Moon Royalty, Breaks and Swells, and NighTraiN at Pier 62! All ages welcome

Screen capture left - Preston Singletary Glass (FB) is at Blue Rain Gallery (FB)
Join Preston Singletary and Dan Friday at Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, on August 19th and 20th for Glass Blowing Demonstrations during their Annual Celebration of Native American Art!

Screen capture left - from Downtown Summer Sounds - Khu.éex’ (Facebook)
117 S Washington St, Seattle, WA 98104

Downtown Summer Sounds (Downtown Seattle Association)

KHU.ÉEX' (Official Website)

From Tlingit & Haida Facebook Album - Our Ways Summer Days 2022
"Gunalchéesh, Háw’aa to all of you for sharing these wonderful photos!" Tlingit & Haida

Photo Left - Salmonberries and Blueberries - from Alicia Jack
Photo 2nd from left - Drying Seaweed - from Jeannette Renee Kookesh
Photo 2nd from right - Salmon - from Roberta Kadake-Revey
Photo right - Herring Eggs - from Raven Hunter

Tlingit & Haida (Official)

Amber-Dawn Bear Robe (producer) of SWAIA - Santa Fe Indian Market Fashion Show (Facebook)
Indigenous Fashion 2022 (Official Website) - Fashionably Celebrating SWAIA's Centennial

Jason Baerg (Métis)... Himikalas Pamela Baker (Musgamakw/Dzawada’enuxw/Tlingit/Haida) ... Catherine Blackburn (Dene/European) ... Orlando Dugi (Navajo) ... Korina Emmerich (Puyallup) ... Sho Sho Esquiro (Kaska Dena/Cree/Scottish) ... Lauren GoodDay (Arikara/Hidatsa/Blackfeet/Plains Cree) ... Dorothy Grant (Haida) ... Lesley Hampton (Anishinaabe) ... Ursala Hudson (Tlingit) ... Melanie LeBlanc (European/Dene) ... Patricia Michaels (Taos Pueblo) ... Jamie Okuma (Shoshone-Bannock/Wailaki/Okinawan/La Jolla band of Indians) ... Adrian Standing Elk Pinnecoose (Navajo/Southern Ute) ... Cody Sanderson (Navajo) ... Skawennati (Mohawk) ... Yolonda Skelton (Gitxsan)

Himikalas Pamela Baker on Instagram

Ursala Hudson (Tlingit) Official Website
Angelica Padilla @ziagoddess is walking on the SWAIA runway Saturday, August 20th for @UrsalaHudson

Dorothy Grant (Haida) Official Website
SWAIA Fashion 2022 and MoCNA Art of Indigenous Fashion exhibition August 2022
Alyssak London @alyssaklondon is walking on the SWAIA runway Saturday, August 20 for Designer Dorothy Grant

Art of Indigenous Fashion is the first fashion exhibition organized by the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts and curated by guest curator Amber-Dawn Bear Robe (Siksika Nation), Assistant Professor in Art History and Museum Studies at IAIA, and Fashion Show Director for the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM. The exhibition is supported by the Ford Foundation.

Dorothy Grant on Facebook shared - Pepper smoke sockeye w/roasted beet salad,so good!

Featured Alaskan Subsistence

Screen capture left - Link to TikTok video - Dried Alaska Salmon By Dave Evans (Nome Alaska )

Photo Right - Blueberry Season in Southeast Alaska - - Planet Alaska (Facebook)

Featured Tlingit Politicians

Photo Left - Washington State Rep. Debra Lekanoff (Tlingt/Aleut) - Article
Indigenous candidates seek election to Washington state Legislature
By Richard Arlin Walker (Indian Country Today)

Screen capture right - Twitter - San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria (Tlingit)
kicks off Comic-Con International from the convention center.

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria @MayorToddGloria (Twitter)
San Diego is the 8th largest city in the United States

Screen capture left - TikTok video -- Rice, Seaweed, Smoked Salmon, & Salicornia By alaskan8ive907 (Madison Dawn)
The land and sea is the most abundant provider forever greatful for my home island

Photo right - #process my favorite time of year, smoking sockeye - Nicholas Galanin (Instagram)

Dempsey Bob: In His Own Voice by Dempsey Bob, with a foreword by Sarah Milroy
Reviewed by Liz Hammond-Kaarremaa (The British Columbia Review)

The book is the result of a collaboration between the artist, Milroy and Curtis Collins, Director and Chief Curator of the Audain Art Museum. It is intended to be a companion to the current touring exhibition Wolves: The Art of Dempsey Bob now showing at the Audain Art Museum in Whistler.

The book is not just about Bob’s art, it also chronicles his life, and as you read, you start to understand what life was like in the northern half of the province in the last half of the 20th century where one was expected to grow up and get a job at the local mill, or cannery, a life of logging or fishing. And what it must have taken not to go that route, and instead commit himself to art.

Wolves: The Art of Dempsey Bob (Audain Art Museum in Whistler)

Screen capture left - Link to Video from Preston Singletary's Facebook Post.

Photo right - Preston Singletary Glass - Instagram ... This weekend was spent in Alaska with the Kagwaantaan for the dedication of the Family Story Totem in bronze which represents my great grandmother Susie Johnson Bartlett Gubatayo. We renamed the "Family Story Totem" to "Xóotsk'i Tláa Kootéeyaa" (Mother of a Little Bear).

It was an incredible day in a sunny Sitka. Thanks to all the Kagwaantaan who welcomed a lot of family and helped with the protocols of the ceremony and to Edward Littlefield who helped me do the blanket dance while evoking the new name. Gunnalcheesh! I will see you all again!

Queen Anne glass-blowing artist making a name for himself By Laura Marie Rivera (Queen Anne & Magnolia News)

Queen Anne glass artist Preston Singletary is making a name for himself in the state and around the country this year, but the Native American artist’s 2022 is special in more personal ways, too.

Another deeply personal work is the bronze Family Story Totem that will be installed in Sitka, Alaska, later this month. It shares some of his Tlingit family history, specifically the story of his grandmother, Susie Johnson. According to Singletary’s family history, she had a pet grizzly bear that liked the sweet taste of taffy when she was young. The totem portrays a grizzly, his grandmother with a blanket, an orca and an eagle. Singletary sees the work as elevating storytelling and using the visual language of the oral tradition to return the spirit of his grandmother to her ancestral lands.

Screen capture right - NIIPA 20/20 Curated by: Rhéanne Chartrand at McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, Ontario
Opening reception June 23, 5:00-7:00pm ... NIIPA 20/20 presents over 150 photographic works by fifty alumni photographers of the Native Indian/Inuit Photographers’ Association (NIIPA). The photographs were created between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. This will be a touring exhibit.

Photo right - 'Real Indians,' by photographer Larry McNeil, 1980 in the article 'Unveiling 20 years of Indigenous photographic art'

Unveiling 20 years of Indigenous photographic art By Graham Rockingham (The Hamilton Spectator)

The establishment of the Hamilton-based Native Indian/Inuit Photographers Association (NIIPA) in 1985 was a landmark moment in the growth of Indigenous art in Canada and the United States.

Screen capture Right TikTok video - Picking Salmonberries - cutelittleraven_yeilk Vivian on TikTok

Photo Right - Salmonberries are starting to ripen in Southeast Alaska - Planet Alaska (Facebook)

Screen capture left - link to TikTok video - The Berries Are Coming! akchev Chevy on TikTok ...

Photo right - Nicholas Galanin (Instagram)

Traditions set the table for Celebration food contest winners By Mark Sabbatini (Juneau Empire)

Winners say subsistence traditions feed bodies and souls during pandemic.


Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) has announced the winners of its popular traditional food contests, held as part of Celebration 2022. The winners are as follows:

Back Seaweed Contest - Mike Allard, first place ... Theresa Wellington, second place ... Christina Weber, third place

Dry Fish - Donna James, first place ... Kenneth Willard Jr., second place ... Mike Allard, third place ...

Seal Oil - Sharon Olsen, first place ... Sally Joseph, second place ... Diane Carrier, third place

Celebration 2022 is being Live Streamed online at KTOO 360TV LIVE (Link) June 8th - 11th, 2022 ... Sealaska Heritage Institute (Official Website) ... CELEBRATION PROGRAMS June 8th to June 11th, 2022 ... Sealaska Heritage (YouTube) ... Sealaska Heritage Institute (Facebook) ... Native Celebration in Juneau Past and Present from 1982/ Present (Facebook - Public Group) and Sealaska Celebration (Facebook - Public Group)

Photo Left - Tlingit artist Káakaxaawulga Jennifer Younger won Best of Show and Best of Carving and Sculpture Division for her piece Mussel.

Photo Right - Tlingit artist James Johnson won the Best of Formline Design award for his Transforming Raven Box.


Other winners in the Juried Art Show by division and category:

Carving and Sculpture Division (wood and metal categories)
: Tlingit artist Kaax̱ Tséen Herb Sheakley won the Best of Wood Category for Lukakuwóox̱’ and Tlingit artist William (Lee) Burkhart won the Best of Metal Category for his piece Kéet, as well as an Honorable Mention for Eye of The Beholder ... 2D and Relief Carving Division: Haida and Aleut artist Gregory Frisby won Best of Division for Wasco Cloak, which was also awarded second place in the Best of Formline awards ... Sewing Division (skin and fur, beadwork and vest categories): Tlingit and Haida artist Aanchgwanutk’ Janice Jackson won Best of Division and Best of Skin & Fur for her piece Great Grandmother’s Spirit; Tlingit artist Jill Kaasteen Meserve won Best of Beadwork for her piece Resiliency in Connections: Mini Cellphone Octopus Bag; and Tlingit artist Kooseen Janice Hotch won Best of Vest Sewing for her Tlingit Seal Hide Vest ... Weaving Division (Chilkat inspired, Ravenstail and basketry categories): Tlingit artist Gunashaa Lisa Fisher won Best of Division for her piece The Fishing Grounds; Tlingit artist Wooshkindein Da.áat Lily Hope won Best of Chilkat-Inspired Weaving for her piece Clarissa’s Feast Dish; Tsimshian artist Ksm Lx’Sg̱a̱n Ruth Hallows won Best of Ravenstail for Our Sisters Dance With Us; Haida artist Kung K̠ayangs Marlene Liddle won the Best of Basketry Category for her piece Golden Glow; and Tlingit, Haida and Aleut artist Ḵaatuwdu.oo Nicole Carle won an Honorable Mention for Destination .... Endangered Arts Division (spruce root basketry category): Haida artist Xay Kuyaas Ariane Medley took Best of Division in Endangered Arts for her piece Ancestral Style Spruce Root Lidded Basket.

SHI’s Juried Youth Art Exhibit includes 20 objects made by 15 high school students from Anchorage, Angoon, Craig, Haines, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Metlakatla. Haida artist Git Kuyaa Kinsie Young of Anchorage won first place for Lightning Apron, Tsimshian artist Alicia Feak-Lent of Metlakatla won second place for Gertie, and Tlingit and Tsimshian artist Sean Guthrie of Ketchikan won third place for Northwest Coast.

Celebration 2022 is being Live Streamed online at KTOO 360TV LIVE (Link) June 8th - 11th, 2022

Sealaska Heritage Institute (Official Website) ... CELEBRATION PROGRAMS June 8th to June 11th, 2022 ... Sealaska Heritage (YouTube) ... Sealaska Heritage Institute (Facebook)

Native Celebration in Juneau Past and Present from 1982/ Present (Facebook - Public Group) and Sealaska Celebration (Facebook - Public Group)

Theater Alaska Groundwork Writer’s Workshop: No experience required.(KTOO)

Guests: Frank Henry Kaash Katasse, writer, actor, director. Frank Katasse says he didn’t start out as a playwright. He wanted to be an actor but says once he tried it, the feeling of watching actors bring his lines to life, was magic. Now he’s on a mission to make the craft of writing for theater accessible.

His class will be held on Friday, June 10th at the Shuká Hít (Clan House) in Sealaska Heritage Institute’s Walter Soboleff Building. The four-hour workshop is free and designed to encourage young and inexperienced artists to explore writing for performance. Those interested should email Flordelino Lagundino at

Áak’w Rock finds a “side” stage at Celebration: Fundraiser for Indigenous music festival. (KTOO Public Media)

Àak’w Rock organizers are hoping to tap into support from this year’s Celebration-goers for their 2023 Indigenous music festival.

The group is raising money at its Àak’w Rock Side Stage event, with four nights of “pay what you can” performances at the Crystal Saloon, starting Wednesday, June 8th. They include Indigenous artists Stephen Qacung Blanchett, Albino Mbie, Sunny Porch, Air Jazz, Ya Tseen, Daniel Firmin, Garden of Agony Unplugged and the Marc Brown Band.

ÁAK’W ROCK SIDE STAGE - A Fundraiser for Áak’w Rock 2023 June 8th - 11th, 2022 @ The Crystal Saloon |218 Front St. Juneau, Alaska

Sealaska Heritage Institute (Official Website) ... CELEBRATION PROGRAMS June 8th to June 11th, 2022

Photo Left - Nicholas Galanin (Instagram) - "An incredible day, with the canoe landing and naming of our canoe we carved last year - Haa Yatx’i Yaag̱u (our children’s canoe) #hoohaa

Screen capture Right - 2022 Canoe Journey Landing -- Canoes from Angoon, Kake, Sitka and other Southeast Alaska communities arrived at AUKE REC RAVEN & EAGLE SHELTER for Celebration 2022 in Juneau Alaska on June 7th, 2022.

Benjamin Danny Coronell (On Facebook) shared - Good morning, Yesterday our Ancestors were very proud and smiling down on us at Auk Rec area. My grandfather’s land. The canoes came in as one to land on the beach. The culture, the land and the people come together as one…

Sealaska Heritage Institute (Official Website) ... CELEBRATION PROGRAMS June 8th to June 11th, 2022

Screen capture left - Nicholas Galanin Instagram Video (Canoe Journey to Celebration from Sitka)

Photo Right - Elizabeth Medicine Crow (Facebook) -- “We eat white caps for breakfast” - Ḵéex̱ Yaakw’ Ḵwáan. This photo was taken as the new yaakw’ approached the safety boat after a very hard pull across some challenging water - her first real test - and slipped gracefully into better water out by the safety boat. (Canoe Journey to Celebration from Kake)

Jill Kaasteen on TikTok -- But will I finish my daughters regalia in time?

#roadtocele2022 #celebration #sealaskaheritage #SHIcelebration #nativetiktok #tlingit #haida #tsimshian

Sealaska Heritage Institute (Official Website) ... CELEBRATION PROGRAMS June 8th to June 11th, 2022

Facebook live - Unpacking Indigenous Curation with Miranda Belarde-Lewis at the Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver, Canada

Miranda Belarde-Lewis, guest curator for the Sho Sho Esquiro: Doctrine of Discovery exhibition for an in-person and virtual discussion of her curatorial practice, past and present. In all her projects, Miranda works to highlight and celebrate Native artists, their processes, and the exquisite pieces they create.

Dr. Miranda Belarde-Lewis is a citizen of Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico and a member of the Takdeintáan Clan of the Tlingit Nation. She is an independent curator, writer, and Assistant Professor and the inaugural Jill and Joe McKinstry Endowed Faculty Fellow of Native North American Indigenous Knowledge at the University of Washington’s Information School.

Unpacking Indigenous Curation with Miranda Belarde-Lewis -- Bill Reid Gallery (Website)

Un-settling is a visual accompaniment to the memories of yesterday and stories of today that parallel the words of Native American Poet Laureate Joy Harjo in her award-winning book and MassMu's 2022 NEA Big Read book selection, An American Sunrise.

Exhibiting Artists - Dakota Mace, Gregg Deal, Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie, Jesse Cooday, Melanie Yazzie, Natani Notah, Norman Akers, and Will Wilson.

"Un-settling: A Story of Land Removal and Resistance" exhibited in the Massillon Museum (FB) Massillon, Ohio

Provocative Massillon Museum art exhibit confronts Native American land removal By Ed Balint (The Repository)

Photo Top Left - "Changing Over Tide" by Crystal Worl
Photo Top Right - "Exit to Enter" by Robert Mills
Photo Bottom Left - "Herring Catch" by Rachael Juzeler
Photo Bottom Right - "All About Town" by Alison Bremner

Planet Alaska on Facebook shared -

City and Borough of Juneau (Facebook) - Juneau airport’s new terminal features public art by four artists



Photo Left - Nicholas Galanin on Instagram - 1st halibut of the season on the new boat!
#fishchasers #season6 #netflix

Screen capture right - Sacred Grounds Café's Weekly Menu

Sacred Grounds Café's website

Sacred Grounds Café (Facebook)

Nicole Hallingstad - "This. right. here. In the middle of a reception for her, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland dropped to eye level to check on this little one from the LGG Ts’msyen dance group. That little girl looked into a smiling face that looked like hers, and her mama, and her aunties and grandma. The smiling face of someone who took a moment to say hello to the tiniest among us. A Native American female in the U.S. Cabinet visiting our indigenous lands in Alaska is important. That woman having the heart to connect to people like this is everything."

Alaska Native Heritage Center shared on Facebook - Gunałchéesh Nicole Hallingstad for this powerful photo and post!

Tonto’s Earthen House, © Larry McNeil

Lecture with Larry McNeil (Medium Photo)

1:30pm, May 7, 2022 ... Medium Photo (San Diego, CA)

Larry McNeil is a photographer, artist and scholar who lives and works in Boise, Idaho. His work examines the intersection of cultures, American mythology, irony, satire, and embodies a distinctive sense of American identity. Larry is from the Dakl'aweidi K'eet Gooshi H'it, Killer Whale Fin House in Klukwan Alaska, which is one of the oldest Tlingit tribal houses on the Northwest Coast. This heritage plays into a distinct storytelling aspect of his work, which is an extension of his graduate studies with influential figures such as Patrick Nagatani, Betty Hahn, and Thomas Barrow.

Interview with Larry McNeil by Wayne Martin Belger (Medium Photo)

Nicholas Galanin It Flows Through Exhibit
May 7 – July 22, 2022
at Peter Blum Gallery, 176 Grand Street, New York CIty

Peter Blum Gallery Press release

“The exhibition speaks to persistence. The persistence of our connections to land and culture through continuum and memory, flowing through us, embedded in our bodies, our languages, and our art. These connections flow like water in varied ways, from gentle imperceptible movements to sudden forces, each capable of moving, shaping, and wearing down stone.” Nicholas Galanin

Photo left -- People look at a newly finished totem pole carved by TJ Young, with help from apprentices and guest carvers,
at the Sealaska Heritage Institute Arts Campus in Juneau, Alaska. (Photo by Lyndsey Brollini/KTOO)

Photo right -- TJ Young, Joe Young, Andrea Cook and Greg Frisby dance at a celebration for a totem pole
they completed in Juneau, Alaska. (Photo by Lyndsey Brollini/KTOO)

Haida, Lingi´t and Tsimshian artists celebrate completion of 360-degree totem pole by Lyndsey Brollini, KTOO

It’s called the Sealaska Cultural Values Totem Pole, and it’s been in the works for over half a year. It’s a 360-degree totem pole, which means it’s carved all the way around the pole instead of on one side.

The lead carver is Haida artist TJ Young, but he didn’t do it alone. He had help from his brother Joe Young and from apprentices Andrea Cook and Greg Frisby.

Young enlisted help from Tsimshian artist David R. Boxley and Lingít artist Robert Mills. He wanted a Tsimshian and a Lingít carver to carve a figure on the top of the pole since the three figures together represent the three Native tribes of Southeast Alaska.

Screen capture left TikTok Link -- Herring Eggs Branches? or Kelp? By alaskan8ive907 (Madison Dawn)

Screen capture center & right TikTok Link -- Herring Egg Salad (Planet Alaska on TikTok) and Planet Alaska (Facebook)

Screen capture left & center TikTok Link -- Aerial Drone view of Herring Spawn By alaskan8ive907 (Madison Dawn)

Screen capture right - "My favorite time of the year. Herring are sacred. Gunalchéesh Yaaw. "
Yéil Ya-Tseen (@nicholasgalanin)• Instagram

Photo left - Gold Medal Basketball player and Actor Martin Sensmeier (Instragram) at Sports Academy at the Star

Photo right - Same game, different era: Klukwan's Dewey Skan fires a baseline jumper over the tight defense of Kake's Ray Howard in this late 1960s Gold Medal game. (Courtesy of Alaska State Historical Library, MS-7)

Gold Medal Basketball Tournament (Official Website) The 75th Gold Medal Tournament has been canceled for 2022. We are currently planning on it happening in 2023. ... Gold Medal Basketball (Fan website) ... GOLD MEDAL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT - Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

Screen capture trailer 'Alaska Nets'
Youtube link

Metlakatla is Alaska's last Native Indian reserve. For hundreds of years two distinct traditions have defined their community- fishing and basketball. Watch as two cousins lead their local High School team toward a shot at their first state championship in over 30 years. In the aftermath of an unimaginable tragedy, a basketball title has the ability to breathe new life back into this small town.

On Demand: April 8, 2022 Pre-Order ALASKAN NETS Now:

Kake Topples Klawock for Region V Boys Championship By Klas Stolpe (KINY)

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - At first glance it appeared someone had let Kake’s men’s Gold Medal basketball team into the tournament, in reality it was the Kake High School Thunderbirds and their ‘old school’ style of play that crushed the Klawock Chieftains 60-33 to win the 2022 Southeast Region V 1A Boys Basketball Championship at Thunder Mountain High School.

Planet Alaska (Facebook) shared Photos from City and Borough of Juneau

Members of the Wooshkeetaan rededicated the Wooshkeetaan Kootéeyaa (totem pole) in the State Office Building Atrium last Friday. This is now the new home for the Kootéeyaa.

Watch the raising of the Wooshkeetaan Kootéeyaa and the rededication ceremony on KTOO's website at

The Wooshkeetaan Kootéeyaa was carved by Yéil Yádi Nathan Jackson in 1980 (assisted by Steve Brown and Dorica Jackson) for the Juneau Centennial celebrations. The design of the Kootéeyaa was guided by Yaanashtúk George Jim, Sr.

Tlingit, Haida & Tsimshian community on #tlingit Hashtag Videos on TikTok (#tlingit Hashtag Links)

TikTok Link -- alaskasiaKasia -- stories that haunted us as children was one

of the featured Discover tlingit 's popular videos | TikTok (Link)

#native #nativetiktok #alaska #legend #horrortiktok #nativelegend

Martin Sensmeier (Instragram)

SEASON FINALE streaming now | It was an honor to play Sam and work with the amazing cast and crew of 1883 that worked together to bring this story to life. I also want to take a moment to thank the incredible fans for supporting and loving the journey of Elsa and Sam. | Stream @1883official now on @paramountplus

“This new totem represents the coming together of my Tlingit culture and my wife’s Swedish culture. It’s a sculpture that represents the blending of our lives together with our children. The top figure represents Åsa, my wife, and directly below her is Odin, the Norse god flanked by two ravens at the front of a Swedish style long boat.

In Tlingit culture it would have been a dugout canoe. Below Odin is our daughter Lydia's face and below her our son Orlo. He is holding our puppy, Ori, represented as a wolf in this sculpture. Åsa and I have been married for over 25 years and our symbiotic relationship has fueled my creative inspiration.

Odin is considered one of the Norse gods, and the equivalent I am proposing is that he is like a Shaman from our culture. Odin is usually depicted with two Ravens by his side. Raven is a prominent figure in Tlingit art and culture. I depicted Odin here as a guiding and protecting spirit like a Shaman from the Tlingit culture.

David Svenson is the carver of the wood form, and one of my original mentors. I conceptualized and designed this sculpture with Svenson, and we collaborated to make this story come to life.”

- Preston Singletary

Preston Singletary Glass (Instagram)

Two Ravens
Lead crystal
36.75” x 10” x 10"
Photo: Russell Johnson

Sat., Feb. 19th - the Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum’s Annual Meeting with guest speaker Preston Singletary (Tlingit)! Make your free seat reservation TODAY at the link below! Seating is limited and reservations are required to attend the Annual Meeting in-person at Harrigan Centennial Hall. (All are welcome to join the meeting via Zoom without reservations - see for the Zoom link and more information.)

Facebook link - Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum (Sitka, Alaska)

History of Northwest Coast Art Speaker Series (Totem Heritage Center)

Steven Brown & Stephen Jackson is Thursday, February 24 at 6:00 p.m

Israel Shotridge & Emily Moore is Wednesday, March 23, at 6:00 p.m

Evelyn Vanderhoop & Carrie Anne Vanderhoop Is Wednesday, April 6, at 6:00 p.m

Facebook Link - Totem Heritage Center

Totem Heritage Center (FB) - Get caught up on the series so far on our YouTube channel where you can watch the first episode with Delores Churchill and Priscilla Schulte:

On Wednesday February 16, 2022 the Evergreen Longhouse will host a event
in honor of Alaska civil rights leader, Elizabeth Peratrovich.

Screening of the film, "For the Rights of All: Ending Jim Crow in Alaska"
At 7 PM we are excited to welcome Alaska Kuteeyaa Dancers!

Evergreen Longhouse (Website) 2700 Evergreen Parkway, NW Olympia, WA 98505

Saturday, Feb. 5th at 2-2:45pm for the next Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum Share Your Culture/Share Your Research event - an artist talk and Chilkat weaving demonstration on Zoom with Laine Rinehart (Tlingit). During the event, entitled, “Chilkat Robe: Process and Weaving,” Rinehart will demonstrate the weaving of a Chilkat robe and talk about his weaving techniques, the individual segments of the robe, and speak of his personal experiences with community members during weaving and touch upon the preparation of materials and how to source materials, both traditional and contemporary.

Facebook link - Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum

“Preston Singletary: Raven and the Box of Daylight,”
January 28, 2022 – January 29, 2023
at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.

Transformations: Groundbreaking Glassmaker Preston Singletary Brings North Pacific Coast Cultures to Life
BY ANNE BOLEN (American Indian Magazine)

First, you enter a world in darkness. Then moving into a dim room, you hear and see rain falling behind a canoe. Across from this is an all-white raven. At the center of the room, you see the bird’s remarkable transformation into a human boy. You will next enter a Tlingit clan chief’s house that has a great bounty of precious objects, including intricately carved glass boxes that glow. This is just part of the multisensory exhibition “Preston Singletary: Raven and the Box of Daylight,”

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2022 AT 3 PM EST Virtual Studio Visit with Lily Hope & Ursala Hudson Online event
Event Zoom Link:

The IAIA Artist-in-Residence program is hosting a virtual studio tour. Join A-i-R Artists Lily Hope (Tlingit) and Ursala Hudson (Tlingit) as they discuss their artistic practice. Participants can speak directly to the artists to learn about the projects they are working on during their residency and to learn more about their process.

IAIA is an art school and tribal college in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Winners Announced For The BroadwayWorld Anchorage Awards by BWW Awards Jan. 5, 2022

The Spirit of the Valley Written and Directed by Frank Henry Kaash Katasse

Cast -- Shayna Jackson, Jill Meserve, Samantha Bowling, Jake Waid, Skyler Ray-Benson Davis, Kholan Studi, Erin Tripp

Perseverance Theatre

FUNKNSTUFF’s Top 25 Albums of 2021

This past year was not without its challenges wrought by continuing hardships of the pandemic, but 2021 is thankfully behind us. From a musical perspective it was another rhythmically stimulating 12 months, especially as far as new funk, soul and other groove-centric releases are concerned.

Khu.éex' (Official Website)

Rachel Goodman’s top alt-rock and alt-pop songs of 2021. L to R; Row 1: Paul McCartney and Phoebe Bridgers; Maxïmo Park; Kings of Leon; Black Country, New Road; Wet Leg, The War on Drugs. Row 2: BC Camplight, Cannons, Strand of Oaks, Hovvdy, Ladyhawke, Fences, Sea Wolf, Courtney Barnett. Row 3: Sharon Van Etten, Rostam, Makthaverskan, Japanese Breakfast, Cola Boyy, Tkay Maidza, Adult Books. Row 4: Bad Bad Hats; The Reds, Pinks and Purples; Mogwai; The Goon Sax; Pearl Charles; Jason Collett, Ya TseenRow 5: Lord Huron, Wavves, Bachelor, Sam Gellaitry, Sleater-Kinney, Geese, Angel Du$t.

35 best indie songs of 2021, with Paul McCarthy, Phoe Bridgers, Ya-Tseen By Rachel Goodman (Riff Magazine)

Yéil Ya-Tseen (@nicholasgalanin)• Instagram

Annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament Canceled By Klas Stolpe (KINY 12/2/2021)

For the third consecutive year the Annual Juneau Lions Club Gold Medal Basketball Tournament has been canceled due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic difficulties it has caused for supporting communities and concerns for the safety of those attending.

TikTok Screen capture - Gold Medal Basketball Fans preparing for 2023
TikTok link -

Nicholas Galanin (@yatseen) TikTok


Gold Medal Basketball (Fan website)

Nicholas Galanin -- Gunalchéesh @artnews @peterblumgallery @artbasel

Yéil Ya-Tseen (@nicholasgalanin)• Instagram

Artists at the Center presents: Khu.éex’!! Join us this Sunday December 5th at 12:30pm
at the Armory Stage for this free event. More info:

Khu.éex' (Official Website)

Nicholas Galanin - It’s been a journey, gunalchéesh for joining us as we carved this Northern style yaakw. The canoe was created for cultural use for @goldbeltheritage and will travel to Juneau where youth will paint it and then we dedicate and officially launch in the spring. W/ @will__burkhart @lee_burkhart Jan - Nov. 2021

Yéil Ya-Tseen (@nicholasgalanin)• Instagram

Robert Mills’ metal sculpture Yaadachóon was installed along the seawalk at Overstreet Park
in November 2021. (Photos by Jennifer Pemberton/KTOO)

Lingi´t aluminum canoe sculpture now a permanent fixture at Juneau’s Overstreet Park by Lyndsey Brollini, KTOO

The 20-foot sculpture is all aluminum — a silver outline of a boat with formline designs on the bow and stern. From the seawalk at Overstreet Park, the shiny metal stands out against the mountains and the Gastineau Channel. The canoe is a representation of Lingít society. On one level, it represents the vessel that Lingít people used to travel. On another, it represents the binary of the Eagle and Raven and being in harmony with the opposite clan. On a third level, Mills said it represents the world we live in today.


Khu.ée​x' -- WOOch album release party on November 26th!
High Dive 513 N 36th St, Ste G Seattle, WA
Air Jazz 9:00 - 9:30 pm ... Daisy Chain 9:45 - 10:30 pm ... Khu.ée​x' 10:45 - close

High Dive, Solid Sound, and Preston Singletary ​P​resent:
Indigenous Heritage Day Celebration featuring Khu.ée​x'.​ ​​Tickets available now:

0n 'Ancestors Calling' Episode - CBC Reclaimed featured Khu.ée​x' (Nov 3, 2021)

This week, we explore interconnections between Black and Indigenous artists, communities, and musical forms. From jazz and funk, to powwow rock and trip hop, it’s the sounds of Ancestors Calling. (Jarrett Martineau CBC Reclaimed)

Khu.éex' (Official Website)

Screen capture Ya Tseen: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
YouTube link

NPR article link - Ya Tseen: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

The video itself was filmed at the Sheet'ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi community house, which is modeled after customary Tlingit Long Houses.

Minutes can quickly turn into an hour listening to Ya Tseen's music, which uses a combination of electronic and acoustic elements to create an inviting atmosphere. But his words are often far more cutting, literally so on "Knives," which hides an ominous bent under an otherwise dreamy texture. It's the first song off the band's debut album, Indian Yard.

Yéil Ya-Tseen (@nicholasgalanin)• Instagram

Review: A fantastic ‘Voyager’ welcomes audiences back to Perseverance Theatre It’s definitely worth a spin.
By Ben Hohenstatt (Juneau Empire)

The show’s use of Alaska Native languages —a Perseverance-specific flourish —is another great touch. While the set, sound design and script are strong, the cast of “Voyager One” makes it a cohesive whole.

Actors Erin Tripp and Jared Olin portray the visible characters in both eras of the play —Kelsey Riker gives voice to an artificial intelligence in the future-set scenes —and the distinct characters let both actors show range. A cast this lean needs its actors to carry the show, and Tripp and Olin are more than capable.

Perseverance Theatre

Rock Aak’w Indigenous Music Festival
(Line up)
Nov 5 - Nov 7

It will take place virtually during Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month, on November 5 - 7. Rock Aak’w will feature 14 Indigenous groups from around the world. Performing virtually from afar are Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Pantayo, Supaman, Pura Fe. Performing virtually from Centennial are Pamyua, Ya Tseen, Albino Mbie, Native Jazz Trio, Witty Youngman, I Sing. You Dance., Air Jazz, Nicole Church, Marc Brown, Daniel Firmin and more. This is Juneau Alaska's first Indigenous Music Festival. Tickets now available!

The sky’s the limit’: Hopes are high for upcoming Indigenous music festival
Are you ready to r-Aak’w? By Michael S. Lockett (Juneau Empire)
As National Native American Heritage Month nears, Juneau, prepares to celebrate in high style as it hosts a first-of-its-kind event, the Rock Aak’w Indigenous Music Festival.

Rock Aak’w is co-sponsored by the Juneau Arts and Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, Tlingit & Haida, WESTAF, Alaska Airlines, KTOO, the Juneau Radio Center, and Sealaska Heritage Institute.

Preston Singletary Glass (FB) shared ... Announcing a new public art installation! "La Diab Pish", by artists Preston Singletary and David Franklin
is currently being installed at the new Climate Pledge Arena site at the Seattle Center. Learn more about the opening week celebration, starting on the 22nd,
at the Climate Pledge Arena at:

Seattle is seeing a surge of Indigenous public art

New works by local Native artists let everyone know: You are on Indigenous land.
by Margo Vansynghel / Crosscut

Tlingit glass virtuoso Preston Singletary and local sculptor David Franklin are crafting a stained-glass-like sculpture titled “La Diab Pish,” aka the Pacific Giant Octopus, for the new Climate Pledge Arena, home of the Kraken, Seattle’s new pro hockey team. (Seattle Kraken)

Preston Singletary Studio (Instagram)

Photo left - Haida Fashion Designer Dorothy Grant revisiting the 2018 Celebration fashion show on Instagram.
The 2018 Celebration Fashion Show was produced by Amber-Dawn Bear Robe (Sikska Nation) for Sealaska Heritage Institute. Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) will hold an in-person Celebration in Juneau from June 8-11 in 2022.

Photo right - The Hummingbird teaches you to appreciate and love the miracle of living
and to help you focus on the positivity in your life.

Dorothy Grant (Website) and Dorothy Grant (Instagram)

The Art of Sacred Grounds Café in Juneau Alaska.

Photo left - An aluminum carving created by Tlingit artist Robert Mills (Photo Lyndsey Brollini/KTOO)
Photo center - Mural created by Tlingit artist Michaela Goade (Photo Lyndsey Brollini/KTOO)
Photo right - Check out the new crosswalk in front of the Café (Photo Sacred Grounds Café)

Juneau coffee shop gets makeover from Tlingit artists by Lyndsey Brollini, KTOO
Robert Mills is from Kake and Michaela Goade lives in Sitka.

Sacred Grounds Café (Facebook) ... Sacred Grounds Café (Website)

"Kéet", which is the Tlingit word for Killer Whale. This totem represents Singletary's main crest symbol, with the moiety of the Eagle along the top. The small figures are bears, which relate to the story of his great grandmother who, as a small girl, had a grizzly bear cub as a pet at the turn of the century in Sitka, AK.

Luminosity: Native Glass Art by Preston Singletary, Raven Skyriver, and Dan Friday
at Stonington Gallery, Seattle, WA
Oct 7- Nov 27, 2021

Take a look at how the groundbreaking "Family Story Totem" by Preston Singletary was created. This piece was cast in lead crystal and stands at 7 ft tall. An upcoming piece, titled "Killer Whale Totem", will stand at 8 ft tall and will also be created in lead crystal. Video: Heartstone Studios (Facebook)

This is the first time in 25 years this website is featuring a Alaska Native dog 'Pretty' who broke the Internet

Screen Capture left - In August, Artist/Musician Nicholas Galanin's dog Pretty protected family and home in Sitka from a Alaska Brown Bear link to TikTok Video with over 979.9 views ... Screen Capture right of Facebook video of
Nicholas Galanin & Pretty balancing treats in Sept 2016

Pretty was featured in Field & Stream article 'Video: Golden Retriever Backs Down Alaskan Brown Bear' and also in People Magazine article ' Golden Retriever Caught on Camera Scaring off Alaskan Brown Bear — Watch the Dramatic Video! '
Pretty was also in The Daily Mail, and Snopes.

Doctrine of Discovery by award-winning designer, artist, and activist Sho Sho Esquiro and guest curator, Miranda Belarde-Lewis at Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art Facebook Live Sep 21, 2021 at 6:30 pm!

Doctrine of Discovery Sep 22 - Dec 31

Sho Esquiro: Doctrine of Discovery (Global News)

Your guide to fall 2021 arts events in the Seattle area -
Khu.éex':The Magic of Noise" Preview and Performance (Seattle Times)

Khu.éex' at 'Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center' Sept. 29, 6:30 p.m.

Khu.éex’ band members Nahaan, Preston Singletary and Sondra Segundo will share elements from their band’s live performances, discuss the deeper meaning of their songwriting and talk about the group’s focus on both indigenous rights and overcoming cultural genocide.

Khu.éex' (Official Website)


Photo right —Jackie Pata and representatives of the Alaska Native Sisterhood held a drumming ceremony after the mural installation was complete in downtown Juneau Alaska to honor the legacy of Elizabeth Peratrovich. Photo by Kai Monture

Photo Left - The Ḵaax̱gal.aat Elizabeth Peratrovich mural with a modernized version of the crest of her clan, Lukaax̱.ádi was painted by Crystal Kaakeeyaa Worl with assistance from her apprentices. Photo by Kai Monture

Sealaska Heritage Institute
(Facebook) shared photos of completion of The Ḵaax̱gal.aat Elizabeth Peratrovich mural
in Juneau Alaska, Sept 2, 2021

"New work showing at Times Square! With MTV & Brooklyn Museum this is so great to see! #mtvartbreaks
MTV will be playing the piece Wednesday 8/25 from 3-7pm and Saturday 8/28 from 1-5pm.
Time square Viacom billboard " Nicholas Galanin

Link to Brooklyn Museum Instagram video - Ix_six_án ax_ t'ukanéiyi (I love you, my baby) by Nicholas Galanin

Yéil Ya-Tseen (@nicholasgalanin)• Instagram


In July, Yakutat Surf Club kicked off their first camp of the summer. This is YSC’s third year
supporting local youth in accessing Yakutat’s waves (Courtesy Photo / Bethany Sonsini Goodrich)

Welcome to Yakutat Surf Club! (Facebook Video link) shared on Facebook via Planet Alaska

Resilient Peoples Place: Riding Northern swells with Zoé Bulard By Bethany Sonsini Goodrich (Juneau Empire)

Photo right - Fashion-show looks by Baker,  Photographed by Shayla Blatchford
Photo left - Photographed by Shayla Blatchford

Community—And Style—Thrived at the Santa Fe Indian Market (Vogue)

At the fashion show, Indigenous designers Jamie Okuma, Orlando Dugi, Pamela Baker, and Lauren Good Day showcased their newest collections, pieces that combined traditional craftsmanship with new, modern updates. Dugi and Baker showed refined evening wear pieces like beaded gowns and velvet suiting ...

Himikalas / Pamela Baker (Musgamakw Dzawada'enuxw/Tlingit/Haida)

The Eighth Annual Indigenous Fashion Show (Facebook Video link)

SWAIA - Santa Fe Indian Market (Facebook)

The Eighth Annual Indigenous Fashion Show will showcase the best in North American Indigenous fashion with collections by Jamie Okuma (Luiseño, Wailaki, Okinawan, and Shoshone-Bannock), Himikalas / Pamela Baker (Musgamakw Dzawada'enuxw/Tlingit/Haida), Orlando Dugi (Diné), and Lauren Good Day (Arikara, Hidatsa, Blackfeet and Plains Cree). The Indigenous Fashion Show is produced by Amber-Dawn Bear Robe (Sikska Nation) for SWAIA. Fashion Show ticketholders will be able to shop at the exclusive
Indigenous Fashion Trunk Show immediately after.

The "Annual Celebration of Native American Art" exhibition opens on August 20th at Blue Rain Gallery! See a new collection of art by Preston Singletary, including collaborative pieces with Raven Skyriver.

Join Singletary at Blue Rain Gallery for an Artist Reception on Friday, August 20th from 5PM – 8PM and see Dan Friday and Preston Singletary for special Glass Blowing Demonstrations on August 20th and 21st.
More event details at the Blue Rain Gallery website.

Preston Singletary Glass (Official Website)

Reservation Dogs streaming through FX on Hulu, starting August 9

YouTube link - Reservation Dogs | Official Trailer - Season 1 | FX on Hulu

Entertainment Weekly . Taika Waititi, Sterlin Harjo preview FX's Reservation Dogs ..

YouTube Video link - Ya Tseen - Performance & Interview (Live on KEXP at Home) 44:42 minutes

YouTube Video link - Ya Tseen - Full Performance (Live on KEXP at Home) 20:32 minutes

Yéil Ya-Tseen (@nicholasgalanin)• Instagram


Instagram Video link - Qacung On That Day (Feat. AirJazz)

YouTube Video link - Qacung On That Day (Feat. AirJazz)

Pamyua co-founder’s new album features some of Alaska’s best-known Indigenous pop artists
by Chandre Szafran, KTOO

Stephen Blanchett (@qacung) • Instagram

In honor of the victims and survivors of the Residential/Boarding School system, we are making this song, “Residential School” (from our upcoming album “WOOch”), available for free download.

Khu.éex' (Official Website)

Preston Singletary Glass (Official Website)

TikTok video link - New Ya Tseen live in studio radio session coming soon
 #yatseen #indianyard #subpop @subpoprecords
- Nicholas Galanin

Nicholas Galanin (@yatseen) TikTok


TikTok video link - Making salmonberry jam in Alaska - Chevy


TikTok video link - #smokedsalmon #soulfood #indigenous - Nicholas Galanin

Nicholas Galanin (@yatseen) TikTok

"My favorite time of the year"  Nicholas Galanin (Instagram)

Yéil Ya-Tseen (@nicholasgalanin)• Instagram

Revisiting Celebration 2018 - Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) has announced the winners of its traditional food contests

Racean Fredrickson of Angoon took 1st place for best seal oil; Don Bolton of Metlakatla took 1st place for best seal oil with crackling and 1st place for best seaweed. Second and 3rd place awards for seal oil went to Roberta Revey of Kake and Bolton; 2nd and 3rd place for seal oil with crackling went to Fredrickson and Wanita Bunny James of Kake; and 2nd and 3rd place for seaweed went to Linda Rae Shearer of Metlakatla and Johnny Jack, Jr., of Angoon.

Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) will hold an in-person Celebration in Juneau from June 8-11 in 2022.
Theme to be “Celebration 2022: Celebrating 10,000 Years of Cultural Survival”

Sealaska Heritage Institute (Official Website)

Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum (Facebook) shared

Sheldon Jackson Museum artist-in-residence Rico Worl (Tlingit & Athabascan)
from July 11th until July 25th.

Sheldon Jackson Museum’s Alaska Native Artist Residency Program calendar for July (Facebook link)
Artist talks and three artists - Robert Hoffmann (Tlingit), Rico Worl (Tlingit & Athabascan)
and Neva Mathias (Cup’ik).

Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum (Facebook) shared

Sheldon Jackson Museum artist-in-residence Robert Hoffmann (Tlingit) is busy painting and carving! He only has five full days left at the museum until he returns for two days in August to teach a children’s formline and block print making class.if you haven’t come in to see what he’s working on yet, visit! The museum is open Wed.-Sun. 9-4pm and Robert will be working today and July 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 10th.

Sheldon Jackson Museum
Sitka Alaska

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland on Being the First - and the Future
By Allie Young (InStyle)

America’s first Indigenous Cabinet member, Haaland steps into her historic role
with pragmatism, empathy, and the spiritual guidance of her ancestors.

"Salmonberry season is almost here! What’s your favorite recipes?" Planet Alaska (Facebook)

Photo by Marilyn Cockney "My beauties are ready to play out and be safe from bugs....
now to make some for the boys"

"What a wonderful idea!" Planet Alaska (Facebook) shared Marilyn Cockney photo

YouTube video - Alaskan Mosquitoes [and how to deal with them]

"June 25 on @netflix!!! “Ice Road”. Check it out! Enjoyed working with these guys, excited for y’all to see this one. BTW, Liam Neeson is so f’n cool. Nicest guy ever. Holt McCallany is a force!! Had a great time on set with him. Loved working with Jonathan Hensleigh. And y’all ain’t ready for sis Amber Midthunder! She is killing it! huge fan of all them badasses. June 25th " Martin Sensmeier (Instagram)

Martin Sensmeier (@martinsensmeier) • Instagram

The Ice Road (2021) - IMDb


Screen capture left - "Elliotto nets a big king" Nicholas Galanin (Instagram)
Screen capture center - "The gang brings home a king #fishchasers #netflix #season8" Nicholas Galanin (Instagram)
Screen capture right - "Derby winner but this ones for the freezer" Nicholas Galanin (Instagram)

Yéil Ya-Tseen (@nicholasgalanin)• Instagram

On May 25, Anchorage’s 10th and M Seafoods selling Copper River Sockeye Fillets for $54.95 per pound and King Salmon Fillets for $69.95 per pound. Seattle’s Pike Place Market was selling Sockeye Salmon Fillets for $59.99 per pound and fresh Copper River King Salmon Fillets for $79.99 per pound.

A Whole Copper River King Salmon was selling for $599.99 at Pikes Market in Seattle on 5/28/2021.
A Whole Copper River King Salmon was selling for $700 at Pike's Market in Seattle when the season opened.

Screen capture - Gathering Cedar Bark for Weaving by Madison Dawn (TikTok Video link)

"Got some cedar bark this past weekend! #foraging #alaska #tlingit
#weaving #cedar #traditional #art" Madison Dawn (TikTok)

"Late Late Dinner - Fresh Copper Bay Sockeye Courtesy Of An Old friend On Smoke House Alley.
#villageboys #healthiswealth #happyfishing" Desmond Collinson shared on Facebook.
Desmond is from Skidegate, British Columbia.

Desmond Collinson was a teammate of our own Damen Bell-Holter on the Haida Gwaii Skidegate Saints
who played in the 2016 and also the 2017 World Indigenous Basketball Challenge in Canada.
Damen Bell-Holter is from Hydaburg, Alaska and former American professional basketball player
who played for Fortitudo Agrigento of the serie A2 and the Boston Celtics.

Screencapture right - "Lol if you put your fish close up it looks big. Love it.
Caught 3x fish" Cherish Lynn Rose (Instagram)

Screencapture right - "Lol my friend and I had an impromptu photo shoot.
#YukonStrong #Yanyedi #WolfClan #TlingitPride" Cherish Lynn Rose (Instagram)

Cherish Lynn Rose • Instagram

Facebook Screen capture of Cherish Lynn Rose shares
Carcross/Tagish First Nation Facebook video link -
Learn to sing some Tlingit Top Ten songs
with Keinas.áx̱ Łdóos Ḵaanáx̱ Kuwóox̱ʼ (Gary Sidney Johnson) and friends.

Planet Alaska: Sharing hooligan and memories (Juneau Empire)

“All around Southeast Alaska, people are talking hooligan, herring, Sandhill cranes and snow geese, skunk cabbage and salmonberry buds — the season is abuzz. After the smokehouse is cleaned out, I help my dad load hooligan onto racks. We slide the racks back into the smokehouse. My dad starts up a larger fire in the base, making sure it’s smoking good, and then closes the door. Now it’s a matter of waiting, or rather, storytelling.” Planet Alaska (Facebook)

Screen capture At Tugáni - Ya Tseen (TikTok Video link)

It’s here and it’s beautiful! Our new record on wax thank you @subpoprecords
#subpop #yatseen #indianyard - Nicholas Galanin (@yatseen) TikTok

Nicholas Galanin (@yatseen) TikTok

Muscle memory #process - Yéil Ya-Tseen (@nicholasgalanin)• Instagram

#tlingit #canoe # woodworking #yatseen - Nicholas Galanin (@yatseen) TikTok
- Screen capture left (TikTok Video link)
- Screen capture center (TikTok Video link)
- Screen capture right (TikTok Video link)

Screen capture - I colorized a B&W photo of Elizabeth Peratrovich then made an animated photo
to bring her memory to life to Honor the Alaska Native Sisterhood.
Animated photo of Elizabeth Peratrovich link -

Elizabeth Peratrovich (July 4, 1911 – December 1, 1958) was an American civil rights activist, Grand President of the Alaska Native Sisterhood who was credited as being instrumental in the passing of Alaska's Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945, the first state or territorial anti-discrimination law enacted in the United States. (Wikipedia)

Alaska Native Sisterhood & Alaska Native Brotherhood Grand Camp (Keep Updated)

Group Photo of Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand Officers in Petersburg Alaska 1955.

Photo is from 'A History of Leadership: Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand Officers' from
Sealaska Heritage Institute Library, Archives, & Collections Program (October 12, 2012)
Link - 'A History of Leadership: Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand Officers'

Screen capture - I colorized a B&W photo of William Paul then made an animated photo of William Paul
to bring his memory to life to Honor the Alaska Native Brotherhood.
Animated photo of William Paul link -

William Lewis Paul (May 7, 1885 – March 4, 1977) was an American attorney, legislator, and political activist from the Tlingit nation of Southeast Alaska. He was known as a leader in the Alaska Native Brotherhood. (Wikipedia)

Screen capture of 'Smoked fish renaissance.' by
Tlingit Artist, Illustrator, and Designer Nick Alan

TikTok video link - 'Smoked fish renaissance.'
A preview of Alaska Native Salmon Subsistence

"First spring Hali ����" Yéil Ya-Tseen (Facebook Screen capture)

Spring Halibut fishing in Sitka, Alaska April 14, 2021

Yéil Ya-Tseen (@nicholasgalanin) • Instagram

"Gunalchéesh " Yéil Ya-Tseen (Instagram)

Herring Egg subsisting in Sitka, Alaska April 10, 2021

Keep updated - Herring Protectors (Facebook)

Herring Protectors’ film "Yáa at Wooné" has been selected for the International Ocean Film Festival's
2021 Coastal Culture Award..
Film Directed by Kh’asheechtlaa (Louise Brady), Lee House

Trailer: Ya´a at Wooné (Respect for All Things)

2021 International Ocean Film Festival Kicks Off Next Week; Winners Announced (4/7/2021)
With the winning entries to the 2021 International Ocean Film Festival recently announced, you’ll be able to see those movies — and many more — beginning April 15th. The virtual festival runs from April 15th to May 2, 2021. For more info and to purchase presale tickets, go to

Screen capture of Chevy (Shaax’ Saani) on TikTok posting Herring Egg Weather (Link)

"Right now we are experiencing what they call herring egg weather it goes from hailing to raining to sunshine to big fat snowflakes. They call it herring egg weather because during this time end of March beginning of April the herring fish spawn." Chevy (Shaax’ Saani)

Gold Medal Basketball Tournament (Official Website) The 75th Gold Medal Tournament has been canceled for 2021. We are currently planning on it happening in 2022. ... Gold Medal Basketball (Fan website)


Honoring Gold Medal Basketball Tournament - A Champions, Petersburg—1961—Class A. Back row, L—R: Richard "Itchy"Hansen, Dick Kito, Jerry Kernvick, Homer Sarber, Allen Williams, Bob Munson. Front Row,L—R: Joe Tagaban, Neil Lyons, ______, Dave Lyons, Don Reyes (I colorized the photo from Juneau—Douglas City Museum.)

Before Women's Gold Medal Basketball there were the early Alaska Native Women Basketball teams.

Tsimshian women's basketball team, Metlakatla, Alaska, 1923. Photo by Garfield, Viola Edmundson
From Digital Collections - University of Washington Libraries

[Left to right] Florence Murchison, Jessie Williams, Bertha Reece, Elizabeth Dundas, Mamie Howard.

Before Gold Medal Basketball started in 1947 there were the early Alaska Native Brotherhood teams.

Photo - Sitka ANB's fourth basketball team, 1917. (Alaska State Library - Historical Collection)

From left, standing: Thomas Phillips, Howard Gray, Thomas Williams, Raymond James(manager), Louis Simpson,
Charles Daniels, and Peter Simpson( coach); David Howard holds the ball

Formline Tlingit artist Megan Jensen makes her biggest work to date, on a frozen lake The Emily Carr University grad took thousands of steps in snowshoes for the outdoor installation BY GAIL JOHNSON (Create astir March 22, 2021)

IN HER TELLING of a traditional tale to welcome the light after a long winter, Formline Tlingit artist Megan Jensen recently created her largest art installation to date: a 1.62-acre Raven measuring 300 feet in diameter made of snowshoe prints atop a snowy, frozen lake on a lake within the traditional territories of the Carcross Tagish and Kwanlin Dün First Nations and the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council. The film crew captured her creative proceess over 60 drone flights—and a total of 15,400 steps and 11 hours.

THE SPIRIT OF THE VALLEY Returns to Perseverance Theatre on Demand
by BWW News Desk (Broadway World, Mar. 19, 2021)

The narrative is told through a Tlingit lens and highlights Tlingit culture through story, movement, language, and song. Playwright and director Frank Henry Kaash Katasse says of the show's return, "I'm so proud to keep this show going! There were many people that told me their kids wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over. Now they have the chance!"

Link to Perseverance Theatre FB video promoting - The Spirit of the Valley

Tickets available at The Spirit of the Valley is available to stream on demand from March 22 - April 4. Running time is approximately 75 minutes.

We Can't Talk About American Fashion Without Talking About Native American Designers
By Alyssa Hardy (InStyle, March 17, 2020)

" I am A Tlingit, Filipina, and Kanien'kehá:ka woman born into the Raven moiety, Copper River Clan, House of the Owl.  My Tlingit name is Keixé Yaxtí, meaning Morning Star. I was fortunate enough to have a mother and grandparents that were traditional knowledge bearers. I spent a part of my childhood with them in museums' deep archives where they would identify artifacts. Within these deep archives, I marveled at the craftsmanship of Northwest Coast Artists. The beadwork, the weaving, and the symmetry in Formline artists' were incredible." Maka Monture

Photo left - Ya Tseen share song ft. Portugal. The Man off debut album for Sub Pop BY ANDREW SACHER
(Brooklyn Vegan, March 12, 2021)

Photo Right - Part of Desert X biennial - 'Indian Land' by Sitka artist Yéil Ya-Tseen (Nicholas Galanin)
Desert Artists Dig Beneath the Sandy Surface (New York Times, March 13, 2021)

Planet Alaska: Aim for the stars
By Vivian Mork Yéilk’ (Juneau Empire, March 10, 2021)

It’s fitting a Raven works at NASA. I was contacting (Steven) Scott McClure, a Tlingit aerospace engineer, who works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, to interview him for this column. Scott’s role was directing other scientists and engineers in radiation analysis, which was an integral part of Mars Perseverance rover mission.

“Raven Steals the Sun,” Preston Singletary (Tlingit), 2017.
(Courtesy of the Museum of New Mexico Press)

Light hearted: Exhibit will look at Native imagery reimagined through glass
BY KATHALEEN ROBERTS / ASSISTANT ARTS EDITOR ( Albuquerque Journal, March 6th, 2021)

Screen capture Tlingit Artist, Illustrator and Designer Nick Alan received over 420,900 TikTok views
for Indigenous History - 'Code Talkers - WWII' which includes Tlingit Code Talkers.
TikTok video link - Indigenous History - 'Code Talkers - WWII'

Screen capture of Chevy (Shaax’ Saani) the first Tlingit Artist on TikTok to
'insert goat scream' in a song while Karaoke hiking
with her sister in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Frog Pot, Blown and sand carved glass, 12.5" x 16" x 16"
Photo: Russell Johnson

Tlingit artist Preston Singletary and Choctaw artist Marcus Amerman have joined forces to create a body of work inspired by the forms and symbols of the ancient mound builder cultures of North America.

View the “Music for the Great Sun” exhibition at the Exhibit C Gallery
Opening March 1st. Join both artists for a Virtual Opening Reception on Friday March 19th, register now:

Dempsey Bob shows off a frog bowl to a young fan. The master carver is now being recognized
nationally for his art. (Philippe Morin/CBC)

Tahltan-Tlingit master carver Dempsey Bob wins national art award
By Ben Bogstie ·CBC · Feb 24, 2021

Tahltan-Tlingit master carver Dempsey Bob is one of six artists across Canada to be recognized with a 2021 Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts Artistic Achievement Award.

Frank Henry Kaash Katasse (Tlingit) one of six playwrights
for Arena Stage's film 'Indigenous Earth Voices' Premiering in May

Arena Stage stretching in new directions online with a film by Indigenous artists and 3 original musicals
By Peter Marks (Washington Post, Feb 16, 2021)

Arena Stage is launching a virtual spring season that includes a film about Indigenous North Americans and their relationship to the land — entirely written, directed and acted by Native people.

For More Information  Indigenous Earth Voices

Diane Benson has lived in Petersburg for about a year and a half, long enough to have taken part in the dedication of a new mural on Petersburg’s courthouse honoring the Alaska Native Civil rights leader.

Playwright, actor reflects on legacy of Elizabeth Peratrovich
Posted by Joe Viechnicki |KFSK, Petersburg Alaska | Feb 16, 2021

Article includes audio of Diane Benson reenacting Elizabeth Peratrovich's famous speech from the Alaska territorial legislature in 1945.

Visit the Khu.éex' Indiegogo to support the production of the new album "WOOch" at:
Perks for Indiegogo Contributors range from music by Khu.éex’ to glass art by Preston Singletary (co-founder and bassist for Khu.éex’) - including this blown glass Tlingit Berry Basket. Hear the first song from "WOOch" now at:

Screen capture of Ya Tseen's Official Video "Close the Distance"
On April 30th, 2021, Sub Pop will release Indian Yard,  the debut record from Sitka, Alaska project Ya Tseen. 


Indian Yard is now available for preorder on CD/LP through Sub Pop. LP preorders through megamart.subpop.comselect independent retailers in North Americathe U.K., and Europe will receive the standard LP on black vinyl.

Damen Bell-Holter (@nanggaahlaangstangs) • Instagram

'Generations of Journeys Podcast' with Nanggaahlaangstangs - I will capture the journeys of Black and Indigenous artists, athletes, leaders and community advocates. It’s so important for our future generations to hear the stories of the ones who came before them and I look forward to capturing those. This podcast will be on Apple, Spotify and YouTube.

Screen capture right - Link to Facebook video uploaded June 7th, 2018 by Benjamin Danny Coronell
Yanyeidi Wolf song by Taku River Tlingit First Nations on Taku River.

Photo right - Tlatsini' Journey of the Taku Kwan - A Mike Rudyk Film
A part of the Available Light Film Festival 2021 (Yukon Canada)

This journey would become the film 'Tlatsini'
Three-day trip to coincide with large gathering of Alaska and Yukon Native traditional dancers this summer
by Mike Rudyk (CBC News, Apr 22, 2018 )

Photo left - Michaela Goade by Sydney Akagi. Right - Book Cover Illustration by Michaela Gouda

The first Indigenous Caldecott Medal winner by Aliyah Chavez (Indian Country Today 1/25/2021)

A Tlingit illustrator Michaela Goade is the winner of the 2021 Caldecott Medal, one of the most
prestigious awards in children’s literature. The selection is history-making, marking
the first time an Indigenous person has ever won the Caldecott Medal

Photo left - via Natives for Bernie Sanders on Facebook share FB Video
5 minutes of Bernie in mittens and lofi tunes Turn the volume on

Photo center - Planet Alaska on Facebook shared Bernie Sanders meme

Photo right - Occupy Democrats on Facebook shared

Photo left Rep. Deb Haaland at the Inauguration on January 20, 2021. She is the first Native American Nominee for United States Secretary of Interior.
She would be the first Native American Cabinet secretary in U.S. history.

Photo right Rep. Debra Haaland of New Mexico made history by being the first Native to save her seat in Congress with a blanket!
Rep. Debra Haaland & Rep. Sharice Davids sitting next to her are the first two Native American women elected to the U.S. Congress in 2018.

Photos - Nicholas Galanin (Top left), Alison Bremner (Top Center), Nathan Jackson (Top Right)
Photos - Sgwaayaans (bottom left), Lily Hope (bottom center), David A. Boxley (bottom right) Photos by Fernando Decillis

HOW NATIVE ARTISANS IN ALASKA BRING INNOVATION AND HUMOR TO THEIR CRAFT BY Kimberly R. Fulton Orozzco. Photographs by Fernando Decillis (Smithsonian Magazine | January/February 2021)

Today’s Google Doodle (12/30/2020), illustrated by Sitka, Alaska-based guest artist Michaela Goade (Tlingit), celebrates Alaska Native civil rights champion Elizabeth Peratrovich, who played an instrumental role in the 1945 passage of the first anti-discrimination law in the United States.

Elizabeth and Roy worked with others to draft Alaska’s first anti-discrimination bill, which was introduced in 1941 and failed to pass. On February 5, 1945 following years of perseverance, a second anti-discrimination bill was brought before the Alaska Senate, and Peratrovich took to the floor to deliver an impassioned call for equal treatment for Indigenous peoples. She was met with thunderous applause throughout the gallery, and her moving testimony is widely credited as a decisive factor in the passage of the historic Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945.

From left) Erin Tripp (Tlingit), playing Roberta Cratchit, Isabelle Star Lablanc (Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota) ,who plays Freda,
and Ed Littlefield (Tlingit), who plays E.B. Scrooge.

In ‘A Tlingit Christmas Carol,’ Alaska Indigenous theater transforms holiday classic BY Tripp Crouse, KNBA - Anchorage (KTOO)

"Gunalchéesh @artnews and @andybattaglia9 for acknowledging this piece as a defining artworks of 2020 (what a year it has been).
Here is to 2021, stay safe everyone link in bio w/ @biennalesydney" Nicholas Galanin (Yéil Ya-Tseen)

Nicholas Galanin (website)

Artist Nicholas Galanin chasing a copper mask

Nicholas Galanin on upcoming episode of PBS "STORYTELLERS" premiering December 11, 2020
(Peter Blum Gallery, 176 Grand Street, New York, New York 10013)

YouTube link - Nicholas Galanin on episode of PBS "STORYTELLERS (December 11, 2020)

Keep updated Nicholas Galanin News - Peter Blum Gallery Artists

Screen capture right - TikTok link - 'Morning Vibe' BY E420doggface208 Nathan Apodaca (Northern Arapaho) 72.7 million TikTok views.

Screen capture right center - TikTok link Welcome to Alaskan TikTok BY Chevy (Shaax’ Saani) • Tlingit Artist (Over 2 million TikTok views)

Screen capture left - TikTok link #greenscreen Elizabeth Peratrovich civil rights activist BY Chevy (Shaax’ Saani) • Tlingit Artist

Screen capture right - TikTok link - 'Formline 101' BY nickalanart • #tlingit Hashtag Videos on TikTok

Screen capture center - TikTok link - Reply to @hikebikeoptico 'This is Lingit land' BY naegoon_Nae • #tlingit Hashtag Videos on TikTok

Screen capture left - TikTok link - 'thank you in Tlingit' BY koodeik • #tlingit Hashtag Videos on TikTok

Tlingit man elected as San Diego mayor BY Joaqlin Estus (Indian Country Today 12/4/2020)

On Nov. 3, Democrat Todd Gloria, Tlingit, aged 42, was elected mayor of San Diego,
the nation’s 8th largest and California’s second-largest city.

Todd Gloria's #1 YouTube Video - "Thrive" -- Todd Gloria for San Diego Mayor

Actor Martin Sensmeier (Tlingit/Koyukon Athabascan) in Netflix’s new series, “The Liberator”

'The Liberator Delivers' by Danielle Mercado & Julian Alcaraz (A&E)

Martin Sensmeier joins cast of 'The Things They Carried' filming starts in early 2021 and release date late 2021 or 2022.

'Everything We Know About Tom Hardy's The Things They Carried' BY Cooper Hood (SCREENRANT) Tom Hardy is turning Tim O'Brien's
acclaimed Vietnam War book The Things They Carried into a movie. Here's everything we know about the adaptation.

Tlingit artist designs stamp inspired by trickster raven tale for US Postal Service pencil
by Samantha Davenport (ADN November 26, 2020)

Tlingit and Athabascan artist Rico Lanáat’ Worl designed a new postage stamp to be released in 2021
for the United States Postal Service, inspired by a traditional Indigenous tale.

"I’m on my 14th week of Zoom teaching and couldn’t be more delighted with my gifted and hard working students. I’ve been fortunate with
using natural window light like this for my Zoom classes. " Larry McNeil (Professor at Boise State University 12/1/2020) Larry McNeil Photography

Miranda Belarde-Lewis a new iSchool endowed faculty fellow ( UW News 11/20/2020)

Miranda Belarde-Lewis, assistant professor in the UW Information School, has been named the inaugural Joe and Jill McKinstry Endowed Faculty Fellow in Native North American Indigenous Knowledge. Belarde-Lewis (Zuni/Tlingit) is an independent curator as well as a professor of North American Indigenous Knowledge with the iSchool, and her work examines the role of social media in protecting, perpetuating and documenting Native American information and knowledge.

26 Indigenous Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Away
By Rohina Katoch Sehra (Huffington Post, November 10, 2020)
Photo bottom right Maka Monture Päki (Tlingit/Mohawk)

As a community, Indigenous content creators are redefining the word “influencer,” with its unsavory associations of sweetheart deals and over-curation. Viewed collectively, their work unfolds from the triple axes of community, resistance and resilience.

ANS is honored to announce that Ethel Lund has been elected
our new ANS Grand President on November 2, 2020.

Alaska Native Sisterhood and Alaska Native Brotherhood Grand Camp (Official Website)
The Alaska Native Sisterhood (ANS) and Alaska Native Brotherhood (ANB) are both over 100 years old. These organizations have worked to advance conversations and action on issues such as racism, subsistence, land rights, and education.

YouTube link - Wé tl'átk áwé át sa.áx_ - Listen to the land A Nicholas Galanin film
Written and Directed by Nicholas Galanin •Premiered Oct 20, 2020

Translation and Narration - X̱’unei Lance Twitchell. Camera - Merrit Johnson. Music Tlingit Rowing Song Contributor Names Michael O. Ossorgin (arranger). Mt. Edgecumbe School Boys Chorus (singer) Michael O. Ossorgin (recordist) - 1950. (date) Hatred - No More Water - Meshell Ndegeocello  -2020.

Chapter & Verse: The Gospel of James Baldwin - a 21st-century ritual toolkit for justice each month of fall 2020. Inspired by James Baldwin’s truth-telling treaty on justice in America, The Fire Next Time, and our current endlessly changing world, this is a call for revolution in the form of an ongoing gift during turbulent times.

Nicholas Galanin (Official Website) ... Silver Jackson (Musical artist Official Website)

Silver Jackson is one of the many aliases of Sitka, Alaska-born artist Nicholas Galanin: he also uses his Tlingit name Yéil Ya-Tseen.

YouTube link - Khu.éex’ Live Performance - Seattle Reads Oct 15, 2020

Khu.éex' (Official Website)

Preston Singletary Glass (Official Website)

Khu.éex', a funk/rock band co-founded by internationally known glass artist Preston Singletary, as they share the music and stories behind their most recent album Héen.

Khu.éex' Members - Preston Singletary (Bass), Bernie Worrell (Keyboards), Skerik (Saxophone), Gene Tagaban (Vocals), Sondra Segundo (Vocals), Nahaan (Vocals), Captain Raab (Guitar), Stanton Moore (Drums), Stanton Moore (Drums), Clarissa Rizal (Vocals), Randall Dunn (Producer & Audio Engineer) Additional Khu.éex' Members - Tim Kennedy (Keyboards), Steve Moore (Trombone, Keyboards), Davee C. Carpenter (Drums, Percussion), Indrayani Barker (Vocals), Ed Littlefield (Drums), Denny Stern (Percussion), Hans Teuber (Sax & Keyboard)

A Group Of Indigenous Men Are Biking To Promote Mental Health
By COOXOOEII BLACK (Wyoming Public Media, OCT 1, 2020)

Former Pro Basketball Player Damen Bell-Holter dedicated his life to promoting mental wellness and youth mentorship that's why he’s led a group of men on a cycling trip through Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico in October.

YouTube link - Arias Hoyle AKA Air Jazz - 12 Songs Relased Sept 17, 2020

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