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Featuring Dorothy Grant Fashion Designer, Anna Hoover Film Maker, and Sweetwater Nannauck Executive director at Idle No More Washington (Facebboook)

Dorothy Grant Fashion Designer
Her fans have made her Facebook Wall one of the most popular to visit.

We're at "The Power of Native Design" fashion show, where 3 American Indian designers, Dorothy Grant, Jamie Okuma and Bethany Yellowtail, will show their collections. NYT styles editor Joanna Nikas is bringing you the show from the front row. Dorothy Grant At -10:14 "The Power of Native design" fashion show video (Facebook Video)

'Last Walk' 2017 film win at Red Nation Film Festival Native Cinema for best short in Hollywood, L.A. on Nov 22nd, 2017
4 Directors: Anna Hoover (Alaska), Pipaluk Jorgensen and Johanes Lynge (Greenland) and Jerri Thrasher (Northwest Territories)

Sweetwater Nannauck Executive director at Idle No More Washington (Facebook)

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