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Sealaska Heritage Institute has posted an interactive language learning tools in its online language resources section ... Tlingit Phrase of the Week! ... My House ... Ocean Animals ... Birds ... learn Tlingit terms of endearment of endearment ... 2015 Juneau Lions Club - 69th Gold Medal Basketball Tournament (Offical Site), March 15-21,2015 ,,, Gold Medal Basketball (Fan Site)

Featured Photographer Matika Wilbur ... Artist & Musician Bunky Echo-Hawk ... Featured Band - Khu.éex

Photo left 'Ruth Demmert (Tlingit) by Matika Wilbur. The world of modern Native Americans revealed in stunning photographs (Daily Mail UK). Photo Center Bunk Echo-Hawk on the cover of Oklahoma. Bunky Echo-Hawk (Offical Site) BunkHaus Wax Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos. Photo Right - Jan 23, 2015,The Royal Room Presents Khu.éex- Native-Insprired jazz-funk-grove. Featuring Bernie Worrell, Stanton Moore, Skerik Sin Carne, Om Om Johari, Captain Raab, Nahaan FastsFrom English, Davee C Carpenter and Preston Singletary. Clarissa Rizal and Gene Tagaban are also members of Khu.éex. Khu.éex' translates to “potlatch” in the Tlingit language.

Ride to Reverse Diabetes 2014 (DEMOTROPOLIS) The campaign will be launched in a motorcycle ride across Indian land starting Saturday, August 23, 2014 from San Francisco Crissy Field and due to arrive in Washington DC on September 26th. A Declaration of War Against Diabetes, has been declared by Nowa Cuming Institute, and Dennis Banks, Anishinabe, national leader and co-founder of American Indian Movement (AIM) who will help as senior adviser to lead the effort. Ride To Reverse Diabetes 2014 on Facebook (Closed FB Group by mistake, updated with photos) Ride To Reverse Diabetes 2014 on Facebook (Open Group with added new FB supporters also updated)

Featured Exhibit

Artbeat by Mike Dunham (ADN)"Edgar Allen Who?" digiyal photography by Mark Hoover. Showing at the Alaska Native Arts Foundation, 500 W. 6th AVe. Courtesy Alaska Native Arts Foundation gallery.

Keep updated Idle No More (Facebook)


Keep Updated Fight for the Future ... Demand Progress (Facebook) ... Occupy Wall Street (Facebook)

Videos - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality (HBO) ... The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (Documentary)
Demand Progress - The Internet's Own Boy,' a film about Demand Progress founder and visionary Aaron Swartz, has made the Oscar shortlist for documentaries

Gaming News

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) is an atmospheric puzzle platformer currently in development at Upper One Games in partnership with E-Line Media and members of the Alaska Native community ... Take your place on the front lines of the Age of Iron 11.13.14.

This web page is dedicated to the late Robert Willard Jr. (Raven/Beaver Clan Elder), Our Alaska Native Community and Youth, Artists, Activists, our celebrities, friends, All Indigenous Nations, also Haa tl'atgi (The first Landless Tlingit Internet Support Group), Alaska's Landless Tlingits and Haidas and Gary Farmer's Warpony.


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