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Three Native designers featured during New York Fashion Week - Virgil Ortiz, a potter and fashion artist from Cochiti Pueblo, N.M.; Patricia Michaels, a clothing designer from Taos Pueblo and Dorothy Grant, a Haida from Ketchikan Alaska who currently operates her company from Vancouver, British Columbia. By Eileen C. Shimizu, Indian Country Today correspondent (March 3, 2009) Diesel 'Liquid Space' Holographic Fashion Show

Dorothy Grant - Haida Artist

Clarissa Hudson Studio

Anna Brown Ehlers ... Renowned blanket maker expands iconic art form
By Mke Dunham (Juneau Empire July 18, 2009)

Patrica Michaels

Virgil Ortiz

Native American Art by Betty David

Sarain Carson one of Native Threads featured profiles

Native Threads: Native American Clothing, Style, and Culture

Traditional Dress of the Worlds links...Polar Regions Traditional Dress Links - includes traditional dress from other circumpolar areas, and Northwest coast Indian groups. traditional dress and beadwork, Chilkat Blanket, moccasins and mukluks, potlatch collection, Inuit dolls from prehistory to today, womens clothing and adornment, fashions, child clothing, religious or ceremonial objects, The fur trade, ceremonial dance costume. Masks of the Himalayas... by The Costumer's Manifesto, written by Tara Maginnis.


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