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"We the People-- Standing our Ground" Alaska Native Protest Marches. - August 22, 2002 | May 3, 2000 | May 5, 1999 | May 7, 1998 by AlaskaCam

Alaska Land Tribal Authority Denied - Wed  Feb 25, 1998,  The U.S. Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision in favor of the State of Alaska holding that Venetie's ANCSA lands do not qualify as "Indian Country." By Richard Carelli ,  Associated Press Writer.

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Court Weighs Alaska, Indian Dispute - The Associated Press covered oral arguments on Alaska Natives sovereignty rights issue in The U.S. Supreme Court (Wednesday, Dec. 10, 1997).

On Wednesday 12/10/97,   The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Alaska Natives seeking sovereignty rights.

The Lawyers

Heather Kendall-Miller (Athabaskan), an attorney with the Native American Rights Fund, represented Alaska Natives seeking sovereignty rights.  This was her first appearance before The U.S. Supreme Court.

John Roberts, of Hogan & Hartson law firm in Washington, D.C.,  represented the State of Alaska.  This was his 26th appearance before the The U.S. Supreme Court.

Justices of the Supreme Court - This excellent web page on Justices of the Supreme Court was created and is maintained by Bethany Van Alstine

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  Mr Smith E-Mails Washington: Constituents On Line - By Christopher Scope, Congressional Quarterly Weekly Reporter.

"The Internet is becoming an essential grass-roots tool for   outreach and for keeping the interested informed.Jesse Cooday, a Native American of the Tlingit Nation, said the Internet is injecting new life into his peoples' long time cause-reclaiming some of their native southeast Alaska lands."  Christopher Scope, Congressional Quarterly.  CQ   NOVEMBER 29, 1997 --2940-2941

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Kendall-Miller takes fight for Native rights to the top - By Sheila Toomey,  Anchorage Daily News reporter (July 5, 1997)

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First Internet Newsgroup Posting (1997)

A million dollar bullet aimed at Alaska Natives seeking sovereignty rights? - On Tuesday, Feb. 18, 1997, the Alaska House authorized a million dollar bill to fight Alaska Natives seeking sovereignty rights.   Posted on Newsgroups:, behalf of  Haa tl'atgi  and Alaska Natives,  by Ben Chitty, NY/VVAW,  (, (March 1997).  


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