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NativeTech:Native American Food and Recipes by Type of Dish - Native American Food & Recipes submitted by visitors to NativeTech...Fried Sage And Mushroom Sauce For Pasta Offered by Laura Grabhorn (Haida, Tlingit)

Alaskan Frybread at Celebration 2006

Garfield Katasse hands Bethany Onibokun another order of frybread ... e-mail - Garfield's Alaskan Frybread for winter schedule

#1 Frybread Video on YouTube ... Osama Likes Frybread (Video) - Written and directed by Sydney Freeland ... Actors include - Nigel Long Soldier ... Santee Frazier ... George Burdeau ... Eva Thomas ... Mizgizi "ThunderHeart " Pensenou ...Sydney Freeland and Jon Davis ...produced by the IAIA Summer Film and Television Workshop ... Funded by ABC Talent Development Group, The Walt Disney Studios, Time Warner, NBC Universal, New Mexico Arts and others ... From anther fan of Osama Likes Frybread Video on MySpace from Terri S.

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"People like their frybread nice and warm; that's why I make it fresh," he said. "I just want to make sure they're happy." Garfield Katasse has been cooking frybead for years. The dish is a family affair. One sister, Grace Larson, covers Sitka. Another, Mary Miller, sells frybread in Petersburg. Katasse has lived all over Southeast and New Mexico. He learned to make frybread during his stays on Apache, Pueblo and Navajo reservations in the Lower 48. From Article Frybread flies at Celebration By Korry Keeker, Juneau Empire.

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