Alaska Native and Native American Art

Tlingit Artist and Musician Silver Jackson (Nicholas Galanin) Was selected (1 of 12 international artists) to participate in N.Americas largest Contemporary Art Symposium!

"The Alaska Native Reader: History, Culture, Politics." Edited by Maria Shaa Tláa Williams. By Wally Olson | For the juneau empire

Actress Diane Benson channels Elizabeth Peratrovich in new film "For the Rights of All: Ending Jim Crow in Alaska," co-written and produced by Silverman (Blueberry Productions) ... Elizabeth Peratrovich was an important Alaska civil rights activist, working on behalf of equality for Alaska native peoples. She was the single driving force behind the passage of the state's Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945, the first anti-discrimination law in the United States (from Wikipedia)

Native Voices: Contemporary Indigenous Art (New York CIty) - The 3 exhibits Include Tlingit Artists Miranda Belarde-Lewis, Jesse Cooday, Nicholas Galanin and Tanis Maris Seiltin ... Kentler International Drawing Space February 8 – March 23. Kentler Opening Pictures ... Native Voices at LIU opens March 6 - March 29
... Five Myles Exhibit March 9 - April 19 ... Co-curators Deborah Everett and Raquel Chapa ... Exhibit of Native art debuts in Brooklyn (Indian County Today) ... Native Artist Nicholas Galanin Featured in five myles Exhibition

"Listening to Our Ancestors: The Art of Native Life along the North Pacific Coast," an 11-community exhibit has opened at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. The exhibit includes more than 400 items from Alaska, Washington state and British Columbia. SHI Trustee Clarence Jackson was a curator for the project, and SHI staff also assisted. Sealaska Corporation made a donation to the exhibit

Sealaska Heritage Institute will hold Celebration 2006 in Juneau June 1-3 ... (Live Internet Stream) ... Winners of Sealaska Juried Art Show Announced. The festival will include dance performances, a juried art show and competition, a Native artist market, a black seaweed contest, a baby regalia review, a language fair and a parade through downtown. Celebration is broadcast live on statewide television and on the Internet.

Honoring our Dance Groups - Lda Kut Naxx Sati' Yatx'i (All Nation's Children) ... Alaska-Hawaii Youth Exchange Dancers ... Heinyaa Kwaan Dancers... Xaadas T'ak'anlang Dancers ... Dakwakada Dancers ... Daaxaat Kanadaa Dancers ... Keex' Kwaan Dancers ... Seet Ka Kwaan Dancers ... Shx' at" Kwaan dancers ... Kaats' litan Dancers ... Kaagwaantaan Dance Group ... Shangukeidi Dancers ... Git-Hoan Dancers ... Celebration 2004 Dance Groups... Celebration 2006 Dance Groups

Concert "Raven Brings Box of Delight" with Smokehouse and Little Big Band at Celebration 2006

The six-piece band Smokehouse, from left, Archie Cavanaugh, vocals, bass & guitar; Walter Jack, vocals & guitar; Donnie Wells, drums; Doug Badilla, vocals & keys; and Mike Tamer, vocals & guitar. New guest singer Salissa Cooper is not pictured.

Singer-songwriter-record producer, Archie Cavanaugh, recorded his album “Black & White Raven” with “Redbone” members Tony Bellamy, Pete DePoe and also renowned saxaphonist Jim Pepper. Lolly Vegas, the “Redbone” leader also helped him mix his album in Los Angelos. Archie says “It’s an honor to be apart of this exciting musical and drama extravaganza, making it extra special to perform for the Native people of Southeast Alaska and the Northwest Coast! "

Honoring our Dance Groups - Lda Kut Naxx Sati' Yatx'i (All Nation's Children) ... Alaska-Hawaii Youth Exchange Dancers ... Heinyaa Kwaan Dancers... Xaadas T'ak'anlang Dancers ... Dakwakada Dancers ... Daaxaat Kanadaa Dancers ... Keex' Kwaan Dancers ... Seet Ka Kwaan Dancers ... Shx' at" Kwaan dancers ... Kaats' litan Dancers ... Kaagwaantaan Dance Group ... Shangukeidi Dancers ... Git-Hoan Dancers ... Celebration 2004 Dance Groups ... Celebration 2006 Dance Groups

Seattle glass artist Preston Singletary has formed the eight-piece Little Big Band, a group of musicians and artists throughout the Lower 48. The group includes Singletary, singer Star Nayea, flute player and Tlingit performer Gene Tagaban, Southern California performance artist James Luna, trumpet player James Rasmussen, guitarists Maurice Caldwell and Keith Montgomery and drummer Terry Maloney.

Updated Six Nations Solidarity news ... What you could do.

Support Six Nations Land Reclamation! June 16: Concert for Kanenhstaton (The Protected Place). Emcees: Gary Farmer, Cheri Maracle, Brandon Oakes and Adam Beach. Artists include: Keith Secola, Willie Dunn, Diggin Roots, Moiety, David R. Maracle, Raven and Shoshona, Jacques and the Shakey, Tonto's Nephews -"Native Skit Artist", Little Wolf, Joseph Firecrow, Howard Lyons, Shane Anthony Band, Jasmine Netsena. Plus Many More!

James Luna's emendatio (Video) from National Museum of the American Indian

WHITNEY BIENNIAL 2006: Day for Night: Jimmie Durham’s film, Pursuit of Happiness, depicts the rise of a fictitious Native American artist, played by Anri Sala, who makes it to the top after a successful show of art made from garbage. Opens March 2, and remains on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art through May 28, 2006.

Brad Kahlhamer in Girls & Skulls opening at Deitch Projects ... Saturday March 04 — April 01, 2006 ... 76 Grand Street, New York. Photo by Raquel Chapa.

Julio Pantoja, PAMYUA

Aboriginal Performance, and its companion e-gallery ... Editorial Remarks by Raquel Chapa & Jolene Rickard ... Artists include ... Pamyua ... Miranda Belarde-Lewis (Zuni/Tlingit) ... Natchiliagniaqtuguk Aapagalu·Seal Hunting with my Dad, video by Andrew Okpeaha McLean (Inupik)

... NMAI Curator's Talk Paul Chaat Smith ( Video) ...... Movies Recent and in Production - by Native Newworks ... Honoring Jim Pepper (video) and Thunderbird American Indian Dancers (video) from Native Performance in New York City at the American Indian Community House by Web Cuadernos

Spiderwoman Theater storytelling video, Thunderbird American Indian Dancers video from Native Performance in New York City at the American Indian Community House by Cuadernos

Jason Lujan. Jason's AI Fansub Project .

Fourth Biennial Boise State University First Nations Conference - Art Exhibit - Jaune Quick-To-See Smith , Sandra Sunrising Osawa, Dog Head Stew, Jesse Cooday's Wannabe Nation series.

International Center of Photography - Only Skin Deep Exhibit - Native Photographers include Larry McNeil, Bently Spang, Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie...

Hitéemlkiliiksix "Within the Circle of the Rim": Nations Gathering on Common Ground A Traveling Exhibition


Pamyua ... Hulleah J. TsinhnahjinnieLarry McNeil ... Jesse Cooday ... Miranda Belarde-Lewis ... Raquel Chapa ... Soni Moreno ... Kathleen Ash-Milby… Jolene Rickard ... Juane Quick-to-See Smith ... Spiderwoman Theater ... Lisa Mayo …Gloria Miguel … Muriel Miguel ... Jane Lind (Aleut) … Donna Couteau Cross... Joe Cross ... Leafarrow ... Hortensio Colorado … Elvira Colorado … Coatlicue Theatre ... Jeri Nordstrom ... Shamseddin Williams ... Tlingit Art and Culture by Nick Galanin ... Roy Peratrovich, Jr ... Israel Shotridge ... Norman L. Jackson ...Clarence Jackson ...Pauline Johnson... Yvette Lynn Diltz ... Edna Jackson ... Kathleen Westlake... Michael Dangeli ... Anna Brown Ehlers ... Fred Lauth ... Tommy Jimmie, Sr ... Marie Laws ... Florence Sheakley ... Alaska Native Arts Foundation ... Helen McNeil .. .Nathen Jackson ... Louis Minard ... Dempsey Bob ...... Celeste Worl. ... Rosita Worl ... ... James Luna's emendatio... Naruto Video (Subititled:English, Inuit/Inuktitut) Translated , subtitled and edited by Jason Lujan. Jason's AI Fansub Project .

American Indian Contemporary Art Scene Alaska Haida Arts - by Joanne Edenshaw (Haida) and Bob Edenshaw (Tlingit). Cover Artists - J.Vita with Jesse Cooday (Tlingit) 'Watchful Eyes: Native American women Artists' at the Heard Museum- Theresa Harlan (Santo Domingo Pueblo), Exhibition guest Curator. Jolene Rickard (Tuscarora) Juane Quick-to-See Smith (Salish, French, Cree, and Shoshone), Buffy Saint-Marie (Cree)...Galleries and Museums, Writers and Poets.

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