Petroglyh Beach: Tlingit Art from before the time of the Pyramids - Ian A Johnson: Life, Wildlife, Wild-life (Sept 2017)

In Wrangell, Alaska the Petroglyph Beach Historic Site is North of Wrangell Island along the coast. Among the field of kelp, sand, shells ...

This pictograph of canoes and sun is located near Petersburg. The exact location is kept secret for fear of public vandalism. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Forest Service)

AK: Archaeologists shed light on Tlingit culture near Petersburg, before Europeans By Angela Denning, KFSK - Petersburg - September 8, 2017
Part of the History of Seet Kah Waan (Petersburg Alaska)

Seet Kah Waan (Peterburg) Colorized by Jesse Cooday (Shoowee Ka') 2017
Title Native village, Petersburg, Alaska.
Identifier ASL-P39-0674
Collection Name Case and Draper. Photographs, 1898-1920. ASL-PCA-39
Alaska's Digital Archives.

ANB & ANS Convention in Angoon, November 1945 from William Paul, Jr., Collection by Sealaska Heritage Institute

Collections - Sealaska Heritage Institute houses a wealth of materials pertinent to Alaska Native cultures, languages and historical events. The collections library includes primarily historical items, such as photographs, recordings, documents and objects, donated to SHI from private collections. SHI also has collected numerous recordings of Southeast Alaska Native oral tradition, dance, song, regalia and cultural protocol. Some materials, such as old film footage, are too fragile for general handling, and SHI is in the process of duplicating and digitizing those materials. The institute is working to create a virtual archive center to make more of the collection available to the public.

Remembering Elizabeth Peratrovich from Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp #2, Juneau, Alaska

Remembering Tlingit Leader Judson Brown (PDF format)... Central Council Historical Timeline by Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

On This Date In North "American Indian History - Over 3000 historical events which happened to the indigenous peoples of North America. Also Tribal name meanings and alternative names, Indian "moon" names.

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